Meet Soni Solano of sonifromconey. This girl has management experience working in the retail industry, is a fashion business management student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and will kick your ass at Mario Kart. Welcome to her blog, a place where she will share her personal style and stories with you. She grew up a tomboy playing baseball in Coney Island and now struts to the Stillwell Avenue Train Station in the furriest navy coat. She's got some pretty big goals for someone that only stands five feet two inches tall... a Soho loft, her own swimwear line, becoming a product developer/ business owner, traveling to every place in the world (she already has a few down) and some other stuff but that's for you to congratulate her in the future about once she makes it happen. AND FOR YOU TO READ ABOUT ON HERE :) She wanted to say thanks for passing by and that you'll do it again soon x

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