Sunday, September 8, 2019

The only difference between these photos and the ones I took while wearing this dress on my birthday is that I don't look embarrassingly gross post nap. Because that's exactly what I did on my birthday...work a half day, buy my birthday cake at Flour Shop, and go home to take a 4 hour nap. What can I say? Exhaustion does come with age.

Anyway I'm gonna keep this short because I've developed the worst carpal tunnel recently.

I am officially a quarter old and and feel super happy. I've been making it an effort to reconnect with friends more, say yes to events and outings, and basically tackling on almost everything that comes my way. Only now I've physically exhausted myself and my feet hate me for it haha. Also my whatever system was like "hey you haven't had allergies recently, so let's kill you and leave you bedridden." It sucks, but shoutout to Benadryl's side effects!!!!

ANYWAY, that's my 25 update, enjoy the last two photos of my recent mood.

Dress via Dollskill and photos by @royal.youths

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