Tuesday, May 21, 2019

So I haven't been very active on the gram with shooting new content and posting- I've discussed that already. But what I haven't discussed is what I noticed during that time.  I've still spent a lot of time online just observing people, their accounts, and other social media outlets, and one thing is for certain- EVERYONE LOVES TO HYPE THEIR OWN SHIT UP.

My personal favorite- "thank you so much for having me."
This is great if you were invited personally, not through eventbrite for a public event. I've seen influencers do this for open to the public event to make it seem like they were personally and exclusively invited. No honey, this wasn't a PR preview event. You're just like the rest of us. The general public, not the exclusive elite.

The amount of vain that exists in everyone.
How many pictures/stories of yourself do you need to to get that across? To most, thats over 216 posts and several IG stories of their face throughout the day. We get it, body positivity, self-love and all that other crap, but there really should be a term for the self-absorbed. Yes, it is normal to feel yourself every once in a while... but if you share the same content of yourself on the daily, its obviously because someone else isn't feeling you...and it shows.

Sexualizing yourself.
Sex sells- it does. and some people truly make careers and a fuck ton of money out of it. But when you have a small following, what's the point? Your racy shots become over-saturated and common. Eventually your few hype fans will lose the hype #nothingnewtoseehere.

The follow the leader game.
Monkey see monkey do. I wouldn't say its a coincidence if someone does something the day after you did it. Why? Because so many people lack originality and curiosity. People don't go out of their way to find something someone else hasn't done before- they wait for someone to do it and then do it themselves. I pride myself on knowing whats hip and happening. I actually do the research and put in the time. The same thing goes for finding cool statement pieces. Some of you got to start becoming your own leaders, and some of you, never will be.

And there ya have it- just  a few of the most common instagram personalities? personas? that you'll encounter on the gram. Which one are you over seeing? Tbh, I'm over them all, or maybe its because I'm getting older and am starting to hate social media haha. Did I miss one that you often see on the gram? What are your gram-servations? Drop it low in the comments below!

See you in a few months or whatever,

Opening image by Gabriela Hnizdo.

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