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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Its been a few hot minutes since I've gotten personal on here... and a few hot minutes since I've actually been here so let me fill you in.

Rewinding all the way back to fall semester when I lost my grandma, and then my dog. And then had the most severe allergic reaction in my life that caused my entire body to break out and over a MONTH to heal on various medications. I walked out on my last internship after being there 8? months. ( On my first day  I already knew it wasn't meant to be.) I just grew a strong resentment for a lot of things I was feeling and doing. Nothing those few months went right. & To top it off I spent a month broke and unemployed.

I started off January with two interviews and two internship offers, and decided to return back to Marc Jacobs. If it's anything I've learned- don't intern for a brand that doesn't interest you. A week later I spent an awesome week traveling around in Italy. I explored all of Rome, Trastevere, some of Naples, Pompeii, and Florence. I really fucking needed that trip, my sense of adventure, and just some leisure time when it always feels like I'm forever working. And also, a hella lot of gelato.

Speaking of food, I was binging hard. I had also gained some weight to the point where I couldn't fit into my jeans. I knew I had to stop. I hated what I looked like and didn't want to shoot anymore- I barely wanted to shop either. If this sounds depressed it's because I was.

Which brings me to right now. I'm officially living a nightmare by taking 4 math classes required to graduate, because that's finally happening. I've actually considered deleting my blog a lot the past few months as well. Like a lot. Maybe its time for a new venture, or a refresh until I'm ready to resume this one. I haven't really figured it out yet, but we'll all find out eventually...

These photos were meant to be posted when the first Delias x Dollskill drop came out, but I didn't have the proper words to go with it. Since the second drop came out yesterday, figured now would be a good time to use them. TBH drop 1 was sooo much better than this one. There was more in the assortment, and for drop 2, everything kinda matches for one specific look and then you have the outlier pieces like the satin cropped jacket that doesn't even look very on brand. I wanted practically everything from the first drop, and for this one, no more than 3 pieces (the smiley face faux fur jacket, and a mesh top.) A little disappointed, but lets see what the Coachella themed drop has to offer.

Photos by @royal.youths

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  1. MA GIRL, I don't know what took me so long to check your blog out but you should have never left it at the first place!! YOU ARE GORGEOUS and have an AMAZING personality! I am so glad I met you and you will graduate eventually and everything will be fine, keep going strong <3


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