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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

So it was recently requested on Instagram that I do a post on people and brands that inspire me, so I'm going to start with people.

My biggest inspiration is blogger/ influencer Lina Assayed- she goes by Linabugz. I've been following Lina on Instagram and on Youtube for a few years now. Her style is bold, daring, and she usually has matching hair with her boyfriend Devin Perkins. I love how authentic and how funny she is- plus how edgy her style is. And its not only her insane style game, she does some hella rad makeup looks.We shop at the same places and have a similar sense of style, and I'd like to think personality as well. Back in August I was walking through NYU and lo and behold, she was crouching on the floor taking outfit pictures for Devin. She took the time to ACTUALLY talk with me and ask what I was up too and I asked her about New York and all that. We spoke about dirty AC water too. She took about 20 pictures with me and personally responds to my DM's and sometimes even shares my stories too. It was one of the best days for me meeting my idol in person. She's everything that she is online in person. Whereas most people only stick to their niche not to lose followers, she shares posts about animals in shelters looking for homes and to donate to animal sanctuatries.  She's always switching it up a bit and her content never gets boring. Ur the bomb Lina!
 Luanna was actually the blogger than got me into styling. Back in my Tumblr days of endless scrolling until 3 am, she actually appeared on my feed a few times until I was finally able to find out who she was. Back in the day her style was so dark and ...so grunge, and I truly loved it. She moved here by herself from Peru and literally cat sit while going to school full time. She also went to FIT like me, but her back story is truly impressive. I have such a high level of respect for anybody that comes from overseas and makes the dream a reality.  She started sharing her outfit photos and now has over a two? million followers on Instagram.

My other favorite beauty/ style influencers are Paloma Cordova, Ileana Vasquez, Lo Caballero, and Kirsten Kaye.

Now for my favorite brands:

Some other very noteworthy ones are: Jeffrey Campbell and Topshop.

Personally, I enjoy bloggers that differ from the norm, my favorite ones are more on the alternative side instead of the typical pumpkin spice late in thigh highs kinda girl. I really just don't find that look original and its just so...girly and boring, and it just doesn't keep my interest.  AT ALL. Ive been following the above people and brands for years and they always come out with shit I'm dying to have. These people and brands really inspire me in both my clothing choices and makeup as well.

Know any bloggers I should check out? Drop em low in the comments below. Later y'all.

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