Senior Year

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Welp. Almost six years later its finally going to happen. I'm finally going to graduate. At least I'll have 3 degrees and two majors on the most expensive piece of papers I'll ever pay for.
On my first day of FIT I showed up with ConAir curled hair, a black wide-brimmed  hat, light blue mom jeans, and platform heels. It was the first day of fashion school and I had to look good. And with reason, because every girl at school looked some sort of intimidating runway ready. 

Let's rewind for a bit. It DID NOT take me 6 years continually to finish school. I took a year off, transferred schools three times, and temporarily moved to New Zealand. Before FIT I got a degree in business administration from a community college. Shortly after I realized I didn't want to be someones office bitch for the rest of my life. And a few weeks after I graduated, I moved to Christchurch, New Zealand- which is the furthest place on the planet from Coney Island. Literally, just pull up a map on Google bc who in present day owns an actual world map?

I didn't know what I wanted to do, but worked retail up until that point. After moving up the ranks and realizing there was more to retail than managing a store, that there were different positions such as buying, planning, allocating, forecasting, and so many more, that I sporadically decided to apply to FIT. It was the one of the most competitive fashion schools in the country to get into at the time, and it still is. It was the only school I applied for and got in.

At first I wanted to be a buyer, but my lack of math skills couldn't have made it obvious enough that that wouldn't be happening. Semester 2 came when I took product development and everything I've ever known just magically made sense. This was it. This is what I would be. And for clarification, product development is basically from concept to creation- so from a sketch up until a top of production piece that's ready to be placed in stores. Instead of making sales, I would be making product- and would get to have weekends off. It couldn't have gotten any better than that.

Now going fast forward, I only have two more semesters to go. And have two job offers up in-the-air. Pretty cool right? I like to think so. To be completely honest I have ZERO idea what company I'll end up at, or if I even go straight into it post-grad. One of the designers at my job said when she graduated she ended up doing a bike ride across Indonesia, which sounds HELLA sick. And I'd love to vacation on my own time before my corporate calendar allows me two vacation weeks out of the entire year. All I know is that I want to do something realllllllllly cool.

Regardless of the decade that it's felt like, FIT has truly changed my world. I loved the experience that I received and the insane amount I've learned, and the talented friends that I've made and connected with over the past four years. It only took me a year to get into the industry starting with an internship at Marc Jacobs, and then Tory Burch, and then Kohls, and I haven't stopped since. I really am going to miss the "THIS IS NOT A DRILL," emails at the beginning of the semester, and having to log into myFit five times before being able to access anything. I won't miss hearing about working for Macys every other week though. 

But what I will do is cherish the time I have left here and learn all that I can.

Outfit deets:
hat: Urban
tube top: Brandy Melville
skirt: Dollskill

If you have any questions about FIT, the fit, or anything else, you can always drop it low in the comments below, or just send me a DM on Instagram. Photos as per usual by @royal.youths :)

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