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Sunday, August 19, 2018

The beginning of every summer signifies a very important event for me: rewatching Gossip Girl from season 1 to end.  For the past 5+ years, it's been my nightly tradition after a long day of work.

I was fortunate enough to be living in the city this summer , FOR FREE, courtesy of my internship. So I wanted to make it a mission to do something new everyday. Here's a few from my last post:

-went to shows twice a month, did my final WARPED TOUR ALONE, went to governors ball!

-went to all the popular places all the girls at my school rave about, ok maybe not all, but a few. I've done magic hour several times at the Moxy, I've partied till 2am on a thursday at LAVO, apparently theres a dream Midtown and not just a Dream Downtown too. I've gone to both in the same night.

-DID BOOZY BRUNCH and had my first ever mimosa(s) , also opened my first ever wine bottle, apprently its underwhelming compared to popping a champagne bottle, which is more exciting. Purchased alcohol for the first time since turning 21. (mind you I'll be 24 next week.) Mind you I wasn't 24 when I wrote this.

-All alcohol aside: tried a new restaurant and dessert spot every week, took up a Classpass membership where I bounced my calves away for an hour at Trampolean, sweat my ass off at my first hot yoga session at Y7, and got back into aerial yoga.

-Went up a waist size. Not too excited about that.

-Did the EGG house pop up, Rose Mansion, Deadpool selfie museum, Color Factory and the Winky Lux experience are coming up this week, and getting tickets for  Candytopia and Wonder World. Got 29rooms tickets for my boyfriend and I- it'll be our second year going together :)

-Went to the Hamptons for the first time and learned that a "really big boat," is called a yatcht. Call me uncultured. You'll never see a yacht in my part of town, otherwise I would have known.

-Went to a few networking events- even scored a lot of freebies- even brand new Marc Jacobs Daisy Love perfume and lip gloss! Also got some awesome sponsored opportunities from American Eagle and Primark, and a brand based in the Lower East Side called LAQUA. They sent me over 34 lipsticks, makeup palletes, and all. #blessed OH, also won TWO Instagram contest in the same week, two days apart. Winning can happen- its not just a scam for engagement!

(Backstory) So the shirt I'm wearing "my bad," was a contest run my by favorite UK label, The RAGGED PRIEST, where they wanted to know what your biggest lie/mistake was. In my sophomore year of college, prior to my FIT days, I was working two jobs and taking a summer Earth Science class, which I never made it to. I knew I would fail for attendance if I didn't speak to my professor, so I did, and told him it was really hard as a single, struggling mom. A few weeks later I PASSED. #mybad

-Realized that I really DID NOT like working with jewelry, but guess who was on a jewelry team for 8 weeks. (this girl) Guess who wasn't interested (this girl) Guess who got placed interning on the Lauren Conrad label after that (this girl)  Guess who got to pitch a few ideas to the teen queen herself and made her laugh (this girl.) A few internships later I finally got to do apparel, which was what I've wanted since the beginning of pursuing Product Development. Andddddd, I'm really excited to announce I'll be interning with the LC team until December! Ya girl got an extension :)

-Learned that in the adult world you will have to have conversations that you'll really want to avoid, but can't. So you have to, and its gonna suck. But in the end, it'll be all good.

-Learned that when there are meetings with PR people and vendors, run for free food and bring doggie bags. When you are extra broke and hungry and do this, you'll thank me later. Their loss, my stomachs gain. Literally.

-Learned to live with loss. My grandma died last week.

-Had the best birthday ever at Point Pleasant and posted one of my first ever bikini pics on Instagram. Apparently my ass can rack up 300 likes and 10 saves. Who knew?

As summer is coming down to it's last week

Looking back now, I've done so many new things this summer, and one of them, was not watch Gossip Girl at all.

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