My Summer Plans

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Since its my 1st summer living in the city, I'm making it a mission to try all the things I've never done before. (and hit up alllll those pop-ups) just cause I can.

-Go to the Whitney Museum (on a Friday) Just cause its free from 6-8
-Finally find out the hype behind a wild party at the House of Yes
-Go to The Cloisters
-Visit Dream Machine (before it closes in two weeks)
-Go to Panorama 
-Happy-go-lucky Pop up??? idk the pictures look super underwhelming for the price
-See an outdoor movie at Bryant park or under the bridge
-Go to a rooftop pool (hotel Americano or Mr.Purple, Dream Downtown, any rooftop with a pool)
-Finally go kayaking for the 1st time, on the Hudson or in DUMBO
-Go to all the clubs/bars that every FIT girl goes to: PHD rooftop, Up&Down, Electric Room, etc.
-Possibly another trip to Boston
-Artic Monkeys & Rise Against concert
-MY FINAL WARPED TOUR EVER sobs* can't believe it's their last year
-Philly to see Jesse McCartney!!!!
-take a pole dancing/ aerial hoop class
- A few little weekend trips outside of NYC
-ofc visit Coney :) surprisingly I miss it and my pup v much

This list as of now is small because there's so much I've passed by that I haven't written down. Also, so many things randomly pop up during the week!

Towards the end of my internship I was waitlisted for a study abroad/rebuild in Puerto Rico, and I really hope I get it. If not, I'll have another two weeks of vacation before classes start.

I also tentatively have planned a weekend in Florida to visit family and go to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. WIZARDING WORLD ITS BEEN A MINUTE.

Also, I took a break from shooting to adjust to my new place and job. I needed to pay some bills and chill from all the obsessive shopping but I've missed the interaction with you guys! I have a really cool idea on how my next shoots will go. All I can say is, watch Gossip Girl if you haven't.

What are you doing for the summer? Drop it low in the comments below.

See y'all soon,


  1. Love hearing your plays, Soni!! :) Helps me get a better idea of some things I should check out!!

    1. Every summer I always have a mental note of what I want to do but by writing it down I feel more determined to actually get all of it done! Hope you have a great summer girl :) and glad this gave you an idea or two

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