My Summer Plans

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Since its my 1st summer living in the city, I'm making it a mission to try all the things I've never done before. (and hit up alllll those pop-ups) just cause I can.

-Go to the Whitney Museum (on a Friday) Just cause its free from 6-8
-Finally find out the hype behind a wild party at the House of Yes
-Go to The Cloisters
-Visit Dream Machine (before it closes in two weeks)
-Go to Panorama 
-Happy-go-lucky Pop up??? idk the pictures look super underwhelming for the price
-See an outdoor movie at Bryant park or under the bridge
-Go to a rooftop pool (hotel Americano or Mr.Purple, Dream Downtown, any rooftop with a pool)
-Finally go kayaking for the 1st time, on the Hudson or in DUMBO
-Go to all the clubs/bars that every FIT girl goes to: PHD rooftop, Up&Down, Electric Room, etc.
-Possibly another trip to Boston
-Artic Monkeys & Rise Against concert
-MY FINAL WARPED TOUR EVER sobs* can't believe it's their last year
-Philly to see Jesse McCartney!!!!
-take a pole dancing/ aerial hoop class
- A few little weekend trips outside of NYC
-ofc visit Coney :) surprisingly I miss it and my pup v much

This list as of now is small because there's so much I've passed by that I haven't written down. Also, so many things randomly pop up during the week!

Towards the end of my internship I was waitlisted for a study abroad/rebuild in Puerto Rico, and I really hope I get it. If not, I'll have another two weeks of vacation before classes start.

I also tentatively have planned a weekend in Florida to visit family and go to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. WIZARDING WORLD ITS BEEN A MINUTE.

Also, I took a break from shooting to adjust to my new place and job. I needed to pay some bills and chill from all the obsessive shopping but I've missed the interaction with you guys! I have a really cool idea on how my next shoots will go. All I can say is, watch Gossip Girl if you haven't.

What are you doing for the summer? Drop it low in the comments below.

See y'all soon,
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