Dear Boring New Yorkers

Sunday, April 15, 2018

This post only applies to the ones living in the five boroughs where things ACTUALLY HAPPEN. Everywhere else, you can't live a cooler life because...nothing noteworthy really happens where you live. Harsh but true. Local newspaper events or your family backyard get together hardly counts.

I absolutely hate when people say "New York is boring." NAHH BOI NEW YORK ISN'T BORING -YOU ARE. If you spend time bullshitting and doing nothing at home, then hell yeah its gonna be boring AF. And if you allow it to remain like that, it's because YOU'RE BORING.

There are always sooo many things going on- in my experience usually always in the city. No matter how tight things seem to be here in terms of cold cash, everyone usually has $2.75 to shell out for a train ride to adventure. Just about EVERY week a new retail store opens, a new pop up emerges, or new food joint serving something crazy , or a random event is going on at Washington Square Park- don't tell me otherwise. AND you don't have to be loaded to have a good time.

Make it a mission to try something new whenever you get the chance. YOU DON'T EVEN NEED A FULL DAY! Just a few hours.  And stop depending on flaky friends to actually be able to do one of them. Make it a solo venture. I do it all the time and it works out pretty well for me.

Spring and summer will be rolling up any minute now, and when it finally does, there will be more to do. Did you know some spots like Brookfield place, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and even Coney Island right on the beach usually offer free movies every Friday? Did you know some of the best and most beautiful views in the city aren't from overpriced tourist traps, but from spots like Le Bain and Governors Island? You only say its boring here because you haven't tried hard enough to find something noteworthy to do, and like I said, there is ALWAYS something to do.

If you aren't into movies and views, you have to be into food. Everyones into food. Majority of us eat three meals a day. There are ENDLESS brunch, lunch, and dinner spots. ENDLESS. Once I move to Midtown this May, my mission is to eat at a new restaurant every weekend. I want to be able to give the best on-the-spot recs. Plus now there's pretty much a food hall in every neighborhood. Chinatown has Canal Street Market,  Chelsea has the Gansevoort and Chelsea Market and so on. I can't forget to mention SMORGASBURG. Some of the best food vendors can be found here. Occasional long lines but what can you do. Stop blowing money on weed and alcohol and going to the same damn clubs every weekend. Thats boring because that's REPETITIVE. Get yourself a new experience.

Music Festival Season is approaching too! Governors Ball, later on The Meadows, and others outside of the state. If that isn't your scene and you have more of a reserved? taste in music, theres jazz clubs like Swing 46, or Lincoln Center where you can have  a calm night and listen to some awesome musicians. And if that isn't your thing try Broadway. Can't afford Broadway? Try the ticket lottery.

There is always an alternative or a way to get something for less. If it isn't someone saying New York is boring its either someone else or the same person saying "New York is too expensive." I can't front, it is on an intern salary, but it won't work unless you make it work. Get a side hustle, start a budget, become a sugar baby, whatever works for you.

NYC has a lot to offer and a lot to do. And if you aren't doing any of it, then just leave and be boring somewhere else.

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