Outfits speak louder than wordz

Monday, February 26, 2018

Growing up painfully shy, there were times where I would attempt to speak and my voice would fail me. So later on in life I started depending on my outfits, cause I knew they could speak for me. They would attract people, which would initiate conversation. It really couldn't be any easier!
I often times used other people's outfits as a mean of talking to them too. Because tbh how do you approach people and befriend them? I'll be a senior citizen before I figure this one out. It's a challenge  when you have so much to say but aren't sure how to let it out. When to say it. And that feeling of defeat of having to suck on your teeth when you lose the moment and know that it's not going to come back. Then you wonder what kind of impact your lost words would have had on the conversation. Would someone have agreed? Would someone have laughed? You wouldn't be able to know but continue to wonder.

At my weekend job,  (yes I have a weekday one too), people are so incredibly altered by silence and lack of conversation. They start to question you and your wellbeing. Being quiet doesn't necessarily translate to something being wrong or not feeling well. There is a distinct difference between actual silence and not wanting to interact. The majority of people there are just so loud and attention seeking, which really clashes with my personality. Loud people don't like quiet people, and I don't like loud people. The thing about silence is the misconception that comes with it from others . They may find it awkward. embarrassing. unsettling. uncertain. and so on. It's just not that deep. 
It's so much easier for me to write or text as opposed to talking. I have photos done by @royal.youths for the next two blog posts, but even now I'm having the trouble finding what to write about. I aways want to make it a relevant topic, and something that hopefully a few people could relate to. But what sucks just as much as not being able to find the words, is this new Instagram algorithm! This shit sucks.
I'm off to go find some words now.

Outfit deets:
Beret: Old Marc by Marc Jacobs
glasses: Dollskill
leather jacket: Bershka (go to the Pop-Up in Soho!)
orange camo pants: Dollskill
shirt: Newcomer NYC (you have to see them live & buy one at a show!)
heels: Jeffrey Cambell Cienega-Lo (try LF)

Have you ever depended on your fit to attract conversation? Or is it just me and my lack of social skills? As always you can drop it low in the comments below.

February Pickz

Sunday, February 4, 2018

So the month everyone either loves or hates is here. I rounded up some cute picks to give you some ideas of how to style on for February. So whether it's the 1st, Valentines Day, or the entire month, heres a few pieces to snag and show some spirit (or not haha.)

If your shopping habits are as beyond repair as mine, you can score this tee here.

Digging this tee too? Prove it here or on The Ragged Priest website.

Be the queen of hearts in this Lazy Oaf piece. Tbh, I think I'm ordering this on Friday when I get paid haha.

Just don't set this shirt on fire and you'll both be fine.

Well, you can't go out without some bottoms...

If you aren't the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, then wear it above your kneecap.

Get your outfit in check with these cool pants from Lazy Oaf.

Your face won't be the only thing to get anyones attention on any day of this month. The back of these overalls are bound to do that for you too.

Just know the difference between dating BOYS, and MEN, that's all I gotta say :) Same thing vice versa for girls and women.

You like shoes? Well so did Scotty Vanity & that Youtube video worked out really well for him.

your mans/woman/other isn't going to be the only thing on fire.

Not suitable for the purple dinosaur, but you're just in luck. I own these and get a shit ton of compliments. Tell me not though- so funky.

I'm not a tickled pink kinda girl, but someone is, and even though I'm not, I'd totally wear these with an all-black ensemble just to put the spotlight on these docs.

I have these when there was only one picture on the Vans website, so I assumed both shoes said "Not Yours," which wasn't true. Also, the insides have flowers and the sole is Red. Cardi B, these ain't expensive, but these IS red bottoms ;)

I have way more than 8 suggestions, but this post would have been eternal and I had some issues with uploading photos on my backend. Which piece did you like best? Do you have a piece that you think I'd really like? Send me the link and drop it low in the comments below :)

*All photos taken from original websites, box label text was added by me.

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