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Sunday, January 28, 2018

I was more of a Bratz girl. You remember? The dolls with a passion for fashion? Chloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and Jade? Something like that. Anyway. THEY DONT EXIST AT TOYS R US ANYMORE. I was shocked when I asked the manager where they were, only to find out, that they don't sell them anymore. I would make a comment on perhaps thats the reason why 180 of their stores are closing this year, but I'll skip past it.

I recently got these Barnie Platform boots from Dollskill and wow, just wow. I fucking love them and don't think I'll ever find another pair of these shoes in my life. Even the police were looking at me with tilted heads. Now, I have to explain why the police was there. At a mere not even 1:00pm on a Friday morning.
While Smitty was taking my picture, a couple came behind him, made some remarks and said "don't mind us, we're just stealing." BALLSY. WHY SAY IT OUT LOUD. They looked like they were just looking, so we continued our shoot as they continued their browsing and loud talking. They needed
lessons on how to be subtle.

We don't see them again. We browse most of the aisles- how nostalgic. It still baffles me how the company is going bankrupt, theres so much of an assortment, THERES JUST SO MANY TOYS, SO MANY ENDLESS HOURS OF FUN , CREATIVITY, AND IMAGINATION. Then Smitty tells me "Soni, kids don't want toys anymore, they want technology." Honestly, it was the sad truth. Maybe the kids of the future will never know what its like to build a giant Hot Wheels race track like my brother and me used to do. Maybe, they'll never know the pain of stepping on some fucking Leggos. Maybe, they won't know what it's like to run outdoors and attack each other with Nerf guns. So many of these toys were some of my best, if not best, childhood memories. You can't get these experiences by watching other children recording unboxing videos on Youtube, which is what younger children do today. Talk about the wasted youth.
My favorite part  was when we went to the electric car aisle. Back in the day, they weren't locked in place- you could test drive them. Now...not the case. To our luck, there was a yellow Ferrari available as our prop. We were mortified that we would get kicked out and how we managed to get that many photos in without someone asking wtf were we even doing there to begin with. So everytime an employee passed by, we tried to play it as cool as possible. But when you see a girl with outrageous boots and a guy with a camera, its pretty obvious that the last thing we were doing was shopping for a 'rari. But it sure as hell was funny.

As we wrap up and get ready to head out, I buy a Sonic POP and we wait for our Uber. Suddenly, one cop car shows up. Then another. Then ANOTHER. 6 cops proceed inside. It looks like that couple was arrested. Of all places to get arrested, your deff bound to get a good laugh once someone hears it happened at Toys "R" Us. Moral of the story. Don't steal toys.
Outfit deets: My beret is from Dollskill
shirt: Dollskill
jeans: Topshop
shoes: Dollskill
glasses: Vans
Fuck you lunchbox: SOLD OUT ;/

Amazing pictures as always by @royal.youths. Disclaimer, if you purchase something directly from my links, I will get a nominal commission fee. 

I JUST NOW NOTICED THIS, but I owned this shirt before the beret came out and I decided to style these two on my own, I didn't take the idea from them >_<

What was your favorite toy at Toys "R" Us? Drop it low in the comments below. Till next time internet friends.

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