I've been to the year 2000

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Actually, I've lived it. Thinking back to 18 years ago, shits so much more different.

What I enjoyed about the 2000's was the ease of life. I had no worries. I had my dunkaroos, capri suns, and lunchables after school. Get a little fancy and make it a giant Arizona Iced Tea instead. The only tats I had were the Fruit by the Foot ones, and of course they didn't last long but as a kid, that's the type of shit that would get you excited about living.

Cell phones didn't even have color yet. Hit Clips and beanie babies were cool. Troll dolls existed. Lava Lamps and magic eight balls and Bop- Its were the toys just about everyone had. People played games, actual games, like Twister and Sorry. INFLATABLE CHAIRS WERE ROOM DECOR.

Another 2000's icon: my idol- Avril Lavigne. She was "mom," of the past decade. She wore a lot of black, had pink extensions, wore baggy pants, was a well known punk rock princess. I wanted to be her when I grew up.

The 2000's also came with an interesting sense of fashion and beauty...bright and bold eyeshadow, crimped hair, studded belts in every color, and pants so baggy you might as well have worn your bedroom comforter out. Colored eyeshadow is BOLD AF, BAGGY PANTS ARE SO COMFORTABLE! Most people think  fashion and lifestyle of the 2000's as a disaster... I don't. In fact, I want to revive it.

So I present to you, the new sonifromconey. I want bold looks. I WANT DIFFERENT, against the norm, nontraditional. Looks that willl make you look back. Looks that will make you look twice. While the looks I've worn have been my style, its been my reserved style. When I had depression, I was too skeptical to go out and lacked the confidence to dress to my liking in front of other people.  I'd spend time hunting down the perfect pieces and do crazy lip colors , even paint my eyebrows pink, and then just sit in my room...the rest of the day. It was actually really sad. Nobody ever got to see. 

 Two of my favorite bloggers, LinaBugz and SpoopyKristen, are alternative style bloggers and they are the coolest bloggers on the planet. Kristen does sick  makeup looks and Lina's style is unreal.  (Ironically, we also both own this Ragged Priest shirt.) After being a loyal follower for years, they've inspired me to finally start being able to wear my personal style out more in public. Wearing these checkerboard platform boots got me some pretty wild looks, but these shoes are awesome and my favorites and no nasty glare or girl videotaping me to her Snapstory is going to change that. (that actually happened.) So go and buy the crazy shoes, top, or bottoms. Wear them.  Love them. Fuck anyone that wants to shit on you for what you like. They suck, not you.

Top from the Ragged Priest, glasses from Petals and Peacocks, pants from Brandy Melville, and platforms from Current Mood clothing. Photos by @royal.youths.


  1. Diggin' the 2000's style you've got going on there. I found your blog randomly because I too sometimes yearn for the good old days. Sugar Ray was my shit.

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