Shitty Adult

Sunday, August 27, 2017

This week I started my product development internship and my new job doing visuals. And holy hell, was it a lot of running around.

First off, Market Week is approaching. For those of you in the industry, you already know your days in the office will be from 9am to as late as overnight, trying to perfect everything , meet deadlines, find the exact fabric for your designer, and the lists of tasks never seems to end. As the intern, I never knew what to expect for the day; I never did the same things as the say before. My duties ranged from grabbing coffee (yup)  to making runs to midtown  for fabric... needless to say it was a constant back and forth from the office to midtown. I've never taken the R train so much in my life. The blisters on the bottom of my toes are just little souvenirs from my delivery ventures this week.

The other morning I had to get pizza for a meeting that was happening later that hour. Online it said it was open, in person, they weren't opening for another half hour. Cool. That was the most ideal time to take a seat on an edge where a dog had taken a piss. Yup. I sat in old dog piss. No, I did not notice until I got up and realized I smelled homeless. Suddenly the Schnauzer next to me wasn't so cute anymore. For all I know, it was him. Pissed at the fact I sat in the piss, I walked into the little store next door. There was a giant pink neon sign in the outline of a naked woman and that urged me to walk in. The entire concept of "Bulletin," was that all the novelties in store were created by female entrepreneurs. It was all pretty cute. I passed by a dish of pins that read " Shitty Adult." I laughed to myself; it was basically me.

Mind you, I've done retail work my entire life. So my office skills to this point were as limited as could be. One of the designers asked me to make a copy of a duffel bag. Plot twist, copy machines are not just for making copies of paper. It took five failed attempts and the image that was six pages long, wasn't evening out to be the exact size of the actual bag, or straight enough for all the pages to align together. At this moment, I was the classic example of a shitty adult. I  couldn't even make copies right.

It took a few days to get into the routine of things. My biggest and most important takeaways this week were:
  1. INVEST IN A GOOD PAIR OF SHOES. You never know how often you will be sent out. To avoid blisters, don't wear pointed booties or canvas sneakers.
  2. Pay attention to directives, or lack of. Ask questions and get it down to the specifics in order to avoid having to do the same thing twice or more.
  3. Take notes. Figuratively, literally, whatever... as long as you take notes. And take EXACT notes, don't skip any steps. You have to be quick and keep up. If you gotta sacrifice the neat handwriting for the peace of mind, do it. Leave the nice handwriting for when you have the time to write neat. The nice handwriting will always be with you, but the seconds between notes won't.
  4. Don't be too quick to ask for help. It can be easy to panic when you have to do something you've never done before. Try to figure it out on your own if possible. If that fails, then ask for help.
  5. Make sure to get enough sleep at night and stay hydrated. If these people can stay overnight, you can manage being there for 8 hours. Plus, you are younger than everyone else, it just looks bad if you're tired. BJ's has really good down pillows fyi.
  6. Be nice and approachable to everyone. Not just your supervisor. On an errand run, I greeted the man I was dropping off some materials to and introduced myself. We then had a little conversation and before I walked out, he gifted me a measuring tape and his business card. He said to call him when I was done with school so I could work with him. See how a small gesture went a long way?
  7. Always watch where you sit. Sitting in piss definitely wasn't the highlight of my week.

So here's all my useful tips to you. Use them wisely. I will be updating this list as my experience goes on, and of course, sharing it all with you. Also, I really will try to post as frequently as possible, but with classes starting tomorrow, this internship, and a job, I deff can't make any promises. Good luck to everyone in school this semester! Outfit deets: black bandeau from Brandy Melville, vintage reconstructed flannel from LF, and side zip shorts from Cotton On. Photo's by @royal.youths.

The Glow Up

Monday, August 14, 2017

Or is it glo up? I'm not so sure tbh. The older I get the more out of touch I feel with the terminology of the youngins. Good thing Urban Dictionary always has an answer.

Today I am officially 23 years OLD. I feel like it's the awkward in between of not quite being as young as 21, but not old enough like being 25.  Every year I have the same damn dilemma...  HOW DOES ONE LOOK THEIR AGE? Just two weeks ago a producer at MTV asked me if I was a senior in high school looking to get a senior yearbook quote from T-Pain. I internally made the same face as I am in the picture above and accept the fact I will look like a child forever.

I haven't written in almost a month, and that's because I put blogging on hold until I had some things sorted. Basically I quit my job 4 days after my last post, booked a flight to Texas for the weekend, took a road trip to Pittsburg, and took some time away. I had myself a Kylie Jenner moment to "realize things," and did I realize a lot 'o things. Yet these are the only ones I want to share.

 1. I'm not very good at being unemployed. Two days into joining the percentage of people that weren't working had I already found another job. I was just that determined to be back at it. I felt some sort of guilt for not being on the clock. Truth be told I spent a a hella lot of time on Indeed those two days.

2. I am that millennial that depends on the nearest form of food delivery because I. WILL. NOT. COOK. It's just so nice to know that someone else is making AND delivering your meal. All you have to do is call and ask. How simple. How perf. Let me do it forever. And if you do it so much, they ALREADY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. Does it get any better?

3. Discovered my recent addiction to LinkedIn. This has been my favorite discovery so far. I might even do an entire post dedication to how I've used it to my advantage.

4. I realized that in addition to having little to no desire to cook, I also, cannot sweep. I pick up a broom and twenty minutes later have allergies that no amount of Benadryl can fix. Two hours later my nose has turned into Brooklyn's newest version of Niagra Falls (mind you no photos because the mere sight alone is anything other than the perfect photo opp.) By 10 pm I've sneezed all the energy and mucus out of me and have the best sleep ever. Until the same shit happens for the next few days. It's miserable. And leaves me looking and feeling exactly like the picture below. Minus the umbrella. I don't know what that umbrella is looking or feeling like but I hope it has a nice journey across the beach and beyond.

 One of my bigger realizations was realizing I was working a job that wasn't going to help me land my career. So I applied to a ton of internships for product development. Out of 11 scheduled interviews, both my 4th and 5th ones gave me an offer. I accepted no.5 and canceled the rest! I AM SO EXCITED TO START! I wish I care spare the details about with who just yet, but you'll see. Very few of you already know :)

I have so much to write about, and feel like this post is a little lacking, but it is my birthday, so I'm off to go cliff diving.  I'll save more of the recently learned lessons another Monday :)

Outfit deets: Jean Jacket from American Eagle, Vintage reconstructed top from LF, jeans from Topshop, Booties from PacSun, and leather unlined tote from Rebecca Minkoff.

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