Miss Independent

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I was a really big fan of Kelly Clarkson growing up, so this post got it's name from one of her songs. Kelly's song aside, the 4th of July is about America gaining it's independence from Great Britain and the adoption of the declaration of independence. Don't worry, I'm not about to give you a history lesson rn (or ever), just a few suggestions.
When I think of being independent, the intro of her song is how I can define it. "Miss independent, Miss self-sufficient, Miss keep your distance, Miss unafraid, Miss out of my way, Miss don't let a man interfere no, Miss on her own, Miss almost grown..." This really explains me in all my independent nature. I'm not 100% self sufficient or unafraid though... sometimes I really need help getting censors off apparel at work and don't even get me started on my failure of being able to properly follow directions on Google maps. Tbh, I'm still afraid of the dark and will not go into my kitchen without turning on every light as I make my way there. AND, I have to be accompanied by my dog. I need to have my guard dog. That way , me and the cookies are being intensely guarded. Guess you can say my current status is stuck at "miss almost grown."
I could go on and give a little explanation for every line of the song, but what it really comes down to is being independent enough to say fuck needing anybody or anything and being able to make it on your own. I would hope none of you end up like Tripp from Failure to Launch; still living at home at the age of 35 and without a job. That's just sad.
At the mere age of 15, I was already working my first paid summer job as a camp counselor and thats where I began to be self sufficient; through learning the value of working for and earning my own money. I was earning freedom financially!!! Allowance and a job was great, until my parents decided that was the end of it. That sucked. I'm pretty much 23 now, some of my friends that are nearing their late 20's still ask their parents for money and try to get whatever they can out of them. I can't say I don't do the same, whenever a free ride or a meal is offered, I can't decline. Because free food!? What is there to object? Who could possibly object?! Thanks mom and dad.
Getting back to independence - learn. Grow up. Fuck up. Ask for help less and starting learning on your own more. Live your best life on your time and nobody elses. That last one is so crucial. Stop relying on other people and start relying on yourself. Learn to be on your own. Enjoy being on your own too. Learn the messy art that is adulting. We can't be like Peter Pan, wanting to be in Never Never Land forever , but we can keep our youthful spirits and creativity amidst the chaos and complications that come with growing up.
Outfit deets: my top and bottoms, and fishnet socks are from Dollskill, and my shoes are the Anaheim Factory authentics from Vans. (fyi sold out in the white online, but here's a link to the available colors.) I actually get out of work early today, so I'll be spending my independence day at the beach and eating cookies because what else is there for a vegetarian to eat at a barbecue? How will you be spending your 4th of July? Let me know :) My gorgeous pictures are thanks to Smithshell J. of @royal.youths.


  1. Soni.. keep up the great job. You nailed it. So proud! :-)

  2. I can totally relate to the part of wanting to be independent I've done it since I was 15 and I have lived and experienced so much... love the article


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