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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

If thats you, then you definitely want to check out Underrated Clothing. Founded by Shelly Salzbrunn at only 19, she wanted to represent all the talented, yet underrated people out there. As her business began to develop, she thought about all the people that she would need to hire: professional photographers, stylists, models, etc. Then it occurred to her that she actually knew all these people. Yeah they weren't considered "highly paid," or "professionals," but she wanted to help them get there. When I spoke to Shelly, she said, "what better way to incorporate all the artist out there who are just trying to make it, then to have them get the experience they need with us? These people are underrated. They deserve some sort of recognition, even if it's just from an online clothing business like ours." YESSSS GIRL. I love that she decided to do this. A true entrepreneur really thinks of all possible ways to make their vision come to life, and Shelly was no exception. It was a creative, on the spot idea that proved to be effective. Take a look at the site yourself, can you really tell that it wasn't done by a "professional?" If I didn't tell you, you wouldn't have even known.
This top picture above is the Emily. Out of the 3 pieces I shot with that day, it was by far my favorite. I loved how extremely flattering it was, and how comfortably it fit.I'm not one for super girly pieces or lace, but the lace trim was a nice touch. It's the perfect summer top because it's hella cute, lightweight, and you won't feel like your dying while wearing it in the intense heat. I definitely will be wearing this one a lot and I'm not going to apologize about it.
Okay I lied. This one was my favorite. When I was looking at the website it said trendy and affordable clothing, and it didn't lie.(Unlike what I just did.) This jacket was only $60! Thinking about it, the clothes remind me exactly of LF. Stylish yet AFFORDABLE, unlike at LF how a pair of shorts can cost as low as $298. ANYWAY, normally oversized jackets just feel big and bulky, but the Shelly jacket was just the right amount of oversized. It's not something I can describe, but definitely something you can feel once you wear it. You won't feel like your drowning in denim, or feel like your lost in your own silhouette either. For a denim jacket, it was actually extremely comfortable! It didn't have that itchy feel to it and just 10/10 would recommend. (Insider tip, can be worn in 80 degree weather.) Another insider tip, I actually wore in in 80 degree weather haha.
Lastly, the Courtney top. I wish I had loved you as much as the other two, but I just wasn't physically blessed enough to wear you the way I liked. I'd highly recommend to wear with a bralette, but if you're feeling a little bold, just wear it alone! This one would accessorize really well with jewelry or a hat. Overall, I really did love the three pieces I got. Thank you Shelly for the opportunity to work with you, and I wish you and the company much success. I highly encourage you all to go and check out Underrated Clothing here, and if you purchase anything, drop a comment on why you got it and how you plan to wear it :)

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