Nobody's Perfect

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Please tell me you know what Hannah Montana song I'm trying to reference. Anyway, nobody really is perfect. As much as I'd like to be a perfectionist, and strive to be one, I always occasionally fuck up. Earlier this week, a street artist that had done a wall down in Coney had contacted me about taking a picture in front of it, so I assumed that it was with the rest of the art walls. From checking out his Instagram pictures, his murals were all in black and white. There were only two black and white walls, so I took pictures with both of them just to be safe.
Turns out, neither of those were his mural. What I think happened was that I read his message too fast and overlooked the address. He said he had done a wall in Coney, and the only place with art walls is the Coney Island Art Walls. HIS WALL IS BY AN AUTO BODY REPAIR SHOP. So now I'm stuck with pictures in front of the wrong wall, and don't have a picture to send to the artist. I feel so awful. He recently sent me a DM asking if I had even taken it and I had to explain what happened. He never even replied. I guess it serves me right. It was just an honest mistake. I can either blame it on my lack of attention at the moment, or the fact I've had too much to do, either way, it still comes down to me. It's difficult being one person with such an eventful life. I'm the daughter, assistant manager, friend, blogger, occasional "model," and have to juggle between so many conversations a day. Sometimes I low-key want to hire my own intern because I have so much to do. Especially now that I'm working overtime due to a situation at work. I just finished working an 11 hour shift today. As much as I'd love to be in a deep sleep somewhere in Neverland at the moment, I can't sleep on the dream. I have no intern. I am the intern. My blog isn't going to update itself. The store can't run as well without me there every day. It goes on. I have to go on.
Earlier today, I got a visit from my friend Zack, who knew how long my day was going to be. He offered a Red Bull or coffee, but I politely decline. (I'm really not one for caffeine, I really don't know what people love about it.) "So what keeps you going?" he asked, "ambition," I replied. We both grin. I spend the rest of my night folding down the rest of the store, balancing between ringing up, helping customers, and trying not to think about how I spent an entire week without going to the arcade to play skeeball. I love my business-before-pleasure life, where it really just feels like business 24/7. Birthday vacation, where you atttttttt.
If you can't already tell, I'm a little exhausted at the moment; both physically and mentally. Right now I could use nap time, an allowance, and home packed lunches. WHAT I WOULD DO TO BE ABLE TO SEE MORE DAYLIGHT. Play more skeeball. Have time to shop in store without being disturbed by questions, texts, or phone calls. Not have to work to pay bills. Being an adult sucks. I'm currently thinking of the summers as a kid where I would go to baseball camp with my friends and come home to go swimming in our pool, and then back inside to the AC and watch the Nicktoons Summer Beach House. Those were the days. What I would do to have them again...
Outfit deets: basically everything I'm pretty much wearing is from Forever 21 except my hat. The entire outfit was only $70! From the hat to the Rocket Dog platforms.Pictures were taken by my girl Kieran, who came down to Coney for the morning to shoot me. Hope you enjoyed my ranting and look! If you can relate or want to drop some inspo, drop it lowwwww. For now, I'm off to sleep.

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