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Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Feet aren't really my thing," says Smithshell J, photographer behind the Instagram account @royal.youths. This instantly gave me a flashback of a moment that I had with my sister several years ago. So powerful how one word took me back to that. My sister and me, we aren't exactly the dynamic duo types like the Olsen twins or anything like that, but what I do remember is how much she really hated feet. She would even physically cringe by just hearing the word. Just to be the annoying sibling, I remember a specific time when I had just gotten home and sat on the couch with her. I took my shoes off, and could already feel the heat coming from my socks. I could feel her looking at me through her peripheral vision. So what I do next is slowly take my socks off, and place the ball of my foot on her thighs. "Don't you dare," she says. I obviously did dare. If you're that person that picks truth all the time at the party, just know you won't ever be invited to the next one. Don't be that person. Take a little risk.
So I put both of my feet on her and she starts freaking the fuck out. Like the initial instinct of any Spanish woman, she grabs the nearest item closest to her and begins to hit me. No, it was not a chancla.
It may sound like a completely odd question to ask a complete stranger on your initial first meet. But whichever way you decided to take it, let your imagination roam free at the idea. Who am I to stop you. (inserts the emoji of the three little stars or glitter pieces here, you know which one I'm talking about. The one that's gold.)Anyway, the question was about my shoes. I needed a close up. At least one shot before I almost broke an ankle by jumping off the lifeguard chair, completely forgetting about the thick rainbow striped platforms on my feet and the uneven sandy surface that was the ground.
Todays shoot was the earliest I've ever done. 9:30 AM. Needless to say it was nice and quiet, but ya girl needs her beauty sleep. Regardless, Smithshell captured the beauty in my tired state. And my Quay sunglasses hid my dark eyebags. You know that saying, "the bags under my eyes are designer?" Well mine aren't. They would be more mass market tbh.
Outfit deets: Top from the Ragged Priest which you can find on ASOS or Dollskill, bell bottoms from Brandy Melville, chunky rainbow platforms from Rocketdog, sunglasses from Quay Australia, and earrings from Forever 21.

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