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Monday, May 22, 2017

Cha Cha Matcha. Never a time after mid-day where the line isn't racing out the door because EVERYONE is trying to snag something off their matcha-everything menu. I mean, the place is picturesque AF - matcha in everything from your coffee to soft serve, and its got the cutest decor. I feel transported to another world. If I had my pick, preferably at a time in the 80's. Which is what inspired this look.
One of my favorite pieces about the 80's were those rad windbreakers that came in all these funky colors. (Still waiting on the day where I can find a really old one myself, and not a modernized version of one from Forever 21, but this works too.) 80's style is definitely making a comeback as of late, and I am not one to complain about it. I'd rather the 80's trends making their debuts into our world of Yeezy's and the same damn Gucci belt that every chic blogger and their mom seems to own. Nothing wrong with either of the two, but when it's exposed everywhere, it just becomes so generic and it loses its original appeal of being new to the market and fresh to the eyes. But what am I saying, it's the same exact thing with a trend. Once it starts everyone hops on it, it gets old, and the next best thing takes its place. It's just how it is.
Last week, I had the pleasure of working with Gabriela Hnzido. I had met her earlier that week for a second after having spoken to her through text a few times. I always get nerved racked both reaching out to people I've never met before and when I meet to work with them for the first time. As a blogger and content creator, communication and collaborating are two things I definitely have to get used to.
Working with Gabi was like hanging out with a close friend. It was fun and effortless. Very rare are the occasions when you meet someone for the first time and are able to connect in such a way. We bonded over our Matcha-Tangerine soft serves, which was the first best decision we had that morning instead of shooting at an art park. The second best one was shooting in the bathroom.( Cue the announcer voice of : " previously on my attraction to neon lights".)
Outfit Deets: Basically, almost everything I'm wearing is from Forever 21 with the exception of my satin dad cap and limited edition platform Vans which were both from Vans. No longer available online, soz. Shopping at Forever in store and online is basically a game of hide and seek. You never know what you're going to find and where you're going to find it.

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