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Thursday, May 25, 2017

A while back ago, I was sent a cute little package of beautiful samples from the wonderful ladies behind HBH.DesignStudio. They have their own Etsy shop in which they make custom morse code bracelets. I don't know about you, but it's been a while since I've heard or seen something so unique.
The bracelets range from $5-$14, making them the perfectly unique, and affordable as an accessory or gift. The bracelets can be customized from the saying, to the cord, down to the spacer beads! They even have 24K gold in them.
The morse code detail was my favorite part , until I found out that they are MADE IN NYC!!! I was sent 4 bracelets: one that said NYC, Brooklyn, Stregth, and even one with my name. That one to say the least was my favorite because it was an unexpected little touch. It also happened to be in one of my favorite colors- purple. How did they know?
The feel nice and light on the wrist, and are adjustable too. You can wear them alone or even stack them up like I did.
I write to you today to tell you this: Shop locally. Support your local business owners. Support the time, effort, and creativity that comes behind a product that was made with love. Support your local businesses because they are entrepreneurs with passion. Shop locally because it's so much harder for people to track down the cool stuff you own because it isn't available everywhere- making it exclusive. Keep this all in mind the next time you're at a local flea market or market in general. With that being said, check out Sara & Michelle's Etsy shop for more of their bracelet designs and product offerings. (Now they've expanded to earrings as well!) They have over 400+ 5 star reviews, and it's due to their cute product, timely shipping, and personal notes with purchase.
All photo's were taken by Gabriela Hnizdo,The location was a little Australian owned cafe in Chinatown called The Good Sort.

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