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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Twice in the same week, not intentionally planned, did I end up at an ice cream shop. But who am I to really complain about that. If you're as observational as I am, you would notice that my hair and makeup is done the same way as in my "Seeing Success" post. Not because I'm gross and slept with my makeup on, (which I occasionally do to save time in the morning) but come on ladies, have you ever been too exhausted to take it off, and rock a grunge messy makeup look the next day? This reminds me of one of my favorite sayings from Jac Vanek, "last nights winged eyeliner can be todays smokey eye if you believe in yourself." Excuse me while I silently laugh to myself.
Anyway, back to the subject, both of these looks were shot in the same day. Right around the corner from each other actually. Hella convenient. This look really wasn't planned either. I had ordered a medium in this tee from Hips and Hair, and it fit me like a dress. It would have been far too visible to shove all the fabric into my mom jeans and wear it to my liking, so fuck it, I decided to wear it as a dress. Something I've never done before. So this was an experiment of sorts.
The looks I got that day. Normally, I am not one to wear dresses. I sent far too many years of my childhood life wearing them as a part of my school uniform, along with itchy stockings and black Mary Janes. After those 9 years in Catholic school, rare were the occasions in my life I ever wore a dress after that. It got really hot that day. Underneath my busboy hat I was sweating like a man, and my legs were getting sweaty from my knee highs too. But my thighs, exposed to the light breeze...they were chillin. Just like the eyes of everyone that had passed me by that afternoon. People that stare always annoy me. It's rude and it makes me nervous. Especially while shooting. I try my hardest to pay it no attention. After those moments, what are the chance of me ever seeing them again? And the chances of me remembering it at all? Exactly. I try not to linger on irrelevant things like this anymore. I don't want to feel like I'm refraining from being able to live my life to the fullest because I'm too focused on what others are thinking. That's just a waste of time, and honestly, when most people think, they really don't think much at all. (insert upside down smiley emoji)
Around the corner from Cloak and Dagger is Davey's Ice Cream. Whether or not it was was good as the long lines on people's Instagram posts implied, I'll forever be curious. It was a really cute and quiet place. Kind of made me forget what neighborhood I was even in. It gave off such old school vibes. Like something little kids would do in the 80's after school. Go to the local ice cream shop, sit and talk for a while, and just be kids. Not like today at all. Kids today are pretentious little fucks with no respect that try to age themselves before their time. Just this morning at work I had a kid (he seriously had to be about 8, he was so small) take a size sticker that was an xxl and put it right on his croch area. He then asked me if I liked it. As I was shipping out seasonal transfers, this totally caught me off guard when I looked up. I hate kids. No, I didn't like it. Please go home to your mom, watch some PBS, eat some dunkaroo's, and never come back to my job again.
Outfit deets: hat from Urban Outfitters, shirt/dress from Hips and Hair, and thigh highs from Bershka. You can get this Free People mini backpack here. My amazing photos taken by Kieran. Looking at this outfit choice now, it doesn't seem to make sense, but it's fashion. Does it really scream "sex, blogs, and rock & roll" just by saying it? No. But, it was fun look. Fashion and styling should be a way to channel and express your creativity. SO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. Maybe I'll do it again sometime, and you all just might get to see it.

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