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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Lately my Facebook feed has more to offer than the typical Insider Food video or some corgi meme's. Recently, most of the people I went to high school are graduating from college and landing jobs at major companies... meanwhile your girl can't even pass statistics for the second time around. While it's amazing to see people achieving their success and telling their stories, I can't help but wonder, when will my time come?
I don't let this get me down though. Everyday, I'm constantly on the move of getting where I want to be. I've let my dream remain a dream for far too long. Yet with every move I make, the same questions still haunt me. "Will you really be successful at this?","What makes you special compared to every other blogger out there?","It's only a number, yet you won't be considered anybody unless you have a lot of them behind you." and so on. It can get really depressing and motivational at the same damn time.
It's exhausting. Being the manager that works full time, with two internships, finishing up a degree, and with all of that, only 2 days off to live a life. Not including scheduling shoots, scouting the perfect pieces to complete my outfits,waiting for online deliveries when I have ZERO patience, and finding the perfect locations that go with my looks. It's all a process, and I love every single second of it. That's how I know it's my passion. It never feels like work and I want to do it 24/7. It's combining two of my favorite things in one online platform: my love for shopping and styling, along with writing.
All dreams and success aside, let me tell you a little about the day of this photoshoot. For starters, it was drizzling. So I had to have high hopes that it wouldn't "rain on my parade," or suede boots that is. Then I would have been fucked and stuck with gross smelly heels. There were train delays and I was running late to meet my makeup artist. For some reason she accidentally mixed in an eyelid color with the wrong brush, and I ENDED UP WITH TWO DIFFERENT COLORED EYES. Strike 2. Now I was annoyed that this shoot might not even happen and the fact that it was visibly obvious that I was wearing two different colored eyelids that clashed with everything, I was in fumes.
Lastly, now we wouldn't have as much time to shoot as we both had class in an hour and a half, and I had no designated spot. I was antsy and nervous. I like knowing the game plan in advance and all of this... just felt like a game. A game that I didn't look like I would be winning. Luckily the train stop was right by ELF Cosmetics and I had a really nice girl not only do my makeup, but also hear me rant about how I had the most miserable time in China the week before. When she was finished, she really skilled this look, and I gave her my business card so that I could credit her on here. But maybe she had heard enough, or lost it. Shrug. Huge thanks to the girl whose name I can't remember, I appreciate you and your artistry!
Now for this location... as Kieran and I were randomly walking down the in village, my eyes stopped on a neon sign inside of a shop that read "CUTESHIT," in bright neon pink. I had to go in. I love neon, I don't know what it is about the florescent lighting in tubes that I find so visibly appealing, but it gets me every fucking time. Before I run to the sign I ask the girl at the counter if we can take a few pictures. Which completely caught her off guard, because I recall her mouth opening and a few seconds later the words "sure" popped out. Thank you kind girl. But what a gem. After we took a few of these, the counter girl was on the phone, where I left my business cards and took one of hers. Cloak and Dagger. The cutest boutique for the most bad ass babes. FINALLY, A BUSINESS CARD THAT SPOKE THE TRUTH. This boutique was hella cute. Everything from the pineapple wallpaper, to the cute apparel selection, obv the neon sign, and just the vibe. It was such a lucky find. 10/10 encourage every badass babe to go and check them out. You can find them on 334 East 9th street.
For the outfit deets: My wool hat is from Urban Outfitters, my new favorite muscle tee is from Hips and Hair, the corset jeans are from Forever 21, and the suede booties are from PacSun.(These are the same brand/style but not in Suede.) Special shoutout to Kieran who made my day today by sending all of these pictures over. I love shooting with her. I get to show her around the city, we have a great time, and she captures and creates these amazing pictures for me. I can't wait till the day I'm big and can afford to hire you full time as my photographer.
And for everyone else. I'm working on making this dream come to life. And you ALL are going to watch me do it.

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