Sour & Spicy Noodle Soup

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Mustard has taken over me. I'm so attracted to it now and it doesn't seem to stop. HALPPP.
Long gone are my days of wearing all black now- hell, it might just be my favorite color of the moment. Today was adventure time in Chinatown. Pell Street, one of my all time favorite blocks, was beaming with sunshine. It's such a beautiful thing to see when you work 40 hours a week indoors with no immediate windows.
So I like to take advantage of the few moments that I'm able to enjoy the outdoors, and luckily enough I was able to shoot with my friend Kieran Bammann. These pictures look like something out of a legit lookbook, and I love them and the vibes that I'm getting. Kieran and I met exactly a year ago today, which was completely wild to me. When we first met at a commuter event, she said we should shoot sometime, and exactly a year later, here we were working together. I had checked out her website and LOVED all her pictures, especially the film ones. (These are all digital FYI) You can check out more of her work here, and if you're in the NYC area, deff do book her for your next shoot :)
My headband is about 5 years old, just about as long as my college career haha. Unfortunately you can't find it at PacSun anymore, but you can find something similar at Swell or Free People. In the mood to go to Urban and splurge $129 on this cute open back top and cropped mustard jacket? DO IT. I did ;) The mom jeans are from Bershka which unfortunately is not a store in the US, you can find Bershka in 70 countries worldwide but the United States didn't make the cut. Can someone explain this to me? And my shoes are Sk8-hi Slims from Vans that were sold in retail stores last year, but they have other styles that are very similar.

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