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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It's a tongue twister. One of my elementary school teachers, Ms.Palladine, would make the class say this repeatedly before we began to sing or perform. While naming this post I wanted to finally be able to say, "it's lit," like every other millennial in todays date, but this will do.
Thinking about the past and throwing it all the fuck back to middle school, I want to talk about some things. But I have to start in the present. I originally ordered these flame pants on ASOS to be styled for something “Thrasher” inspired. You know, the skateboarding magazine thats been in existence for years but the general public only acknowledged when Beiber and Kanye started sporting it. The tees that are only $24.95 that parents love to bitch about for being “SO EXPENSIVE.” But you know whats really expensive? Having children. Shoulda thought about that twice. Anyway, I sell hundreds of these tees a week at my store. So I kind of got over it and didn’t want to do something involving Thrasher because I didn’t want to look like a poser or that I was feeding into the hype. Plus, skaters feel a certain type of way about something from their culture being blown up in the blogging hemisphere. I mean I work at a skate shop, have worked at a few really, and cruised around on a skateboard as a kid so I couldn’t possibly be a poser. Hell, I even fractured my foot in half riding in my neighborhood two summers ago. (FYI never a good idea to ride around with loose trucks and canvas sneakers that provide no support in case you do fall. But you have me to tell you that much by experience, so now you can’t let it happen.)
Going back to the past now. When I was younger, I went shopping with my parents EVERY weekend. And my parents were Kolh's biggest benefactors. So every weekend, we shopped at Kolh's and that’s where my shopping addiction began. And now I can’t stand to go there...I never really knew how much of an impact those trips would have on me until later on in life; aka right now. That’s where it all started. Little me shopping for Abbey Dawn jeans (RIP to Avrils clothing label) to finally blogging. Something that I fantasized about forever.
For a while I got annoyed at seeing people that I knew post about their blogs and outfits, or people overdoing it and it made me so incredibly pissed. I was watching them do what I WANTED TO do for years, but never did. Why? I was self-conscious, being on the internet at a younger age gave me problems, and I felt some type of way about broadcasting what I THOUGHT looked cool. What if other people didn't agree? Etc. So I got tired of watching other people live my dream, and eventually, after 4 years, made sonifromconey. After all, a dream is only a dream until you make it real.
My friend Kieran Bammann took these rad shots and I genuinely couldn't be happier with how awesome they came out. For more of her work and to book a shoot, check out her website here.

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