Seeing in color

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The other day I got off the train at the Museum of Natural History where I met with the co-founder of FH Wadsworth, a NYC based company that is well known for their fine grained ribbon and leather belts. I was given two belts and the very first thing I noticed other than the exquisite quality and precise stitching were the colors... because nothing in my closet goes any brighter than navy! Yet for some reason, seeing this specific belt hit me creatively. I indirectly took it as a sign for me to venture into the unknown colors of the color wheel that I seldom ever acknowledge. Then the next thing I know I was in Topshop swiping away to a $130 purchase.
The thing about Topshop, is that there are too many beautiful things. Too many beautiful things that I want to own. Everything on the sales floor was really catching my eye last week but I was gravitating towards pieces I would 1. never wear and 2. combining colors and prints. So I go to the fitting room and try a bunch of shit on, and thats how this look was born.
I tried on bright red palazzo pants that literally made me look like the emoji of the dancing lady, a black top with exaggerated puffy sleeves, these plaid ruffled hem pants, and this mustard button down shirt. Everything was so bright and so not me, but I loved it. Ever since I started my new job, I feel like I can see in color more. Maybe it was the change in scenery and more lighting in store that has me seeing better too. I don't know, but it feels really nice to be moving on regardless of how skeptical I was to leave. I can say the same about my new outfit choice too. You never really know how the turnout is going to be until you stop imagining how it's going to be like and just give it a go. And that's when you'll know.
The post location wasn't my typical either. For starters, believe it or not, this was actually in a car dealership. The Cadillac House in Soho to be exact. It was half dealership/ coffee shop/ gallery space. It sounds really weird to imagine, but it was pretty cool to see and shoot at. The entire installment was called "Toilet Paper paradise", which was an immersion into the TOILETPAPER magazine aesthetic. And the place was cool af. First off it wasn't your typical house/ apartment decor. It was trippy, old fashioned, peculiar, and basically everything I'd want in my future home. Everything from the random alligator by the bathroom to the popcorn in space floorboards.
My top and pants where from Topshop, felt hat from Zara, belt from FH Wadsworth, and shoes from Grey City.
I'm already working on an outfit for an upcoming shoot and this one is going to be really fun- stay tuned.
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