Bleeding Hearts

Thursday, January 5, 2017

J Goldcrown, who of which you may not know by name, but have definitely seen his murals somewhere around the likes of Little Italy, East Village, or at some hip bar down in Williamsburg. His mural "Bleeding Hearts," is one of my favorite pieces to see when I'm roaming around. One of my favorite facts about this piece was that it started off as a mistake. When you make a mistake, it means you were wrong about something. As a perfectionist, and a beginner to blogging, thats what I feel like I'm always making- mistakes. Mistakes in outfit choices, poses, and just about everything. It's such a challenge for me to put myself out there when I'm so afraid of what I look like not only behind a lens, but to someone else eyes as well. After every shoot I have I always find myself nitpicking at absolutely everything. Where the fuck is my right hand in this moment? Why did I think it wouldn't be visibly obvious that I was wearing one BRIGHT blue sock and one black one? Why is it that several layers of concealer can never serve it's purpose? Why is it that when I'm prancing around at home so confidently that the second the camera comes out I freeze as if I'm playing freeze dance with myself? And it goes on. But in this thing called life, there is no such thing as perfection- just the mere idea of it. One thing I promise to do is to never photoshop pictures to alter my appearance and other things I want changed in order to look perfect.I want all of my photo's to be raw and real. So here's me in my finest form,one hand and all, striking a pose with my comfiest sweater from LF, black jeans from Lucky Brand, and a pair of my moms boots because well, ya girl wasn't going to walk around East Village in heels. Well at least not today ;) My pics were courtesy of a certain heroe, Pete :)

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