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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

So it was recently requested on Instagram that I do a post on people and brands that inspire me, so I'm going to start with people.

My biggest inspiration is blogger/ influencer Lina Assayed- she goes by Linabugz. I've been following Lina on Instagram and on Youtube for a few years now. Her style is bold, daring, and she usually has matching hair with her boyfriend Devin Perkins. I love how authentic and how funny she is- plus how edgy her style is. And its not only her insane style game, she does some hella rad makeup looks.We shop at the same places and have a similar sense of style, and I'd like to think personality as well. Back in August I was walking through NYU and lo and behold, she was crouching on the floor taking outfit pictures for Devin. She took the time to ACTUALLY talk with me and ask what I was up too and I asked her about New York and all that. We spoke about dirty AC water too. She took about 20 pictures with me and personally responds to my DM's and sometimes even shares my stories too. It was one of the best days for me meeting my idol in person. She's everything that she is online in person. Whereas most people only stick to their niche not to lose followers, she shares posts about animals in shelters looking for homes and to donate to animal sanctuatries.  She's always switching it up a bit and her content never gets boring. Ur the bomb Lina!
 Luanna was actually the blogger than got me into styling. Back in my Tumblr days of endless scrolling until 3 am, she actually appeared on my feed a few times until I was finally able to find out who she was. Back in the day her style was so dark and grunge, and I truly loved it. She moved here by herself from Peru and literally cat sit while going to school full time. She also went to FIT like me, but her back story is truly impressive. I have such a high level of respect for anybody that comes from overseas and makes the dream a reality.  She started sharing her outfit photos and now has over a two? million followers on Instagram.

My other favorite beauty/ style influencers are Paloma Cordova, Ileana Vasquez, Lo Caballero, and Kirsten Kaye.

Now for my favorite brands:

Some other very noteworthy ones are: Jeffrey Campbell and Topshop.

Personally, I enjoy bloggers that differ from the norm, my favorite ones are more on the alternative side instead of the typical pumpkin spice late in thigh highs kinda girl. I really just don't find that look original and its just so...girly and boring, and it just doesn't keep my interest.  AT ALL. Ive been following the above people and brands for years and they always come out with shit I'm dying to have. These people and brands really inspire me in both my clothing choices and makeup as well.

Know any bloggers I should check out? Drop em low in the comments below. Later y'all.


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Just this very moment(TWO MONTHS AGO FROM TODAY), I just finished watching something so powerful, and so emotional, that I had to talk about it, especially as it correlated so much to my life, and with our current day and age, and the lives of others. Let me take you back a bit.

For one of my electives this semester, I took a digital writing class. When I first started college I went to school for writing actually. And its still something I like to do a lot- especially for my blog. But unfortunately, people don't really read anymore, or write. They just like pictures, and that's the reality of our age. We consume media and decide wether we like it or not. And if we do "like it," or "love it," we double tap that red heart or blue thumbs up symbol.

Two things really made me want to address this is a post: 1. pop-up culture here in NYC 2. Black Mirror, Season 3, Episode 1, called Nosedive which is available on Netflix.

As a native, I regularly attend pretty much every single pop-up NYC's ever had. From shit like an EggHouse, to a "Rose Mansion," 29rooms, (which all weren't technically rooms), to some over hyped photo of ONE room on view at the Museum of Natural history, one thing is for sure. PEOPLE LOVE A GOOD PHOTO OP, or anything that will prove to be a good photo opp. We want great pictures- we all just want to be liked.

So people will pay anything from $20- to $130 just to go to a "pop-up" experience , just to get pictures to show off their lives in that specific moment , for that specific time. As a native, I remember when these weren't even a thing. I would regularly attend empty art galleries in Chelsea, and spend quiet afternoons alone walking up the Highline, and walking into through all those glass doors to see art- for free. Some of it was completely non-comprehensible , some of it was kindergarten scribble, and some, extremely thought provoking. Art ultimately makes you feel... Pop-ups... make you like.

Recently I got a job at a pop-up that I will not disclose. But it's made me not want to go to any ever again. The best way to market art should not be to deem it a photo op, yet in doing so it works so well.  Yes I have gone to all these pop-ups, but I never go with the intention of solely going for an Instagram photo. Yes things that look mesmerizing and out of the ordinary attract my eye, but I refuse to be apart of the over-saturated trend of pop-up photos to gain popularity. I go because its a temporary experience- one that I want to be apart of. To say I went and saw and experienced. Not went to yell at my significant other for not knowing my angles or telling my kids I'm not purchasing tickets until I see what the ball pit looks like. The past few weeks I've felt overjoyed at seeing how happy taking a great photo of someone else makes them feel, but I've also seen a great many death stares for a billion pictures that don't make the grid.

So going on to the episode of Nosedive- it was fucking creepy. So creepy because I can 100% picture this being the immediate future. "Rating" someone just to get a rating back. Trying to make your life as picture perfect as you make it seem on the app. People portraying themselves online one way and acting the complete opposite in person. People just want to be liked. But do we need a phone screen and some oversaturated posed photos to achieve that?

Let that last question sink in...

Outfit deets:
Cropped Pullover: The Ragged Priest
Sick cutout jeans: The Ragged Priest

If you have any other thoughts or comments to contribute to this post you can drop it low in the comments below. Nobody ever does, but I can imagine getting a few DMS about this already.

Just a disclaimer- I don't mean to insult anybody and know people/ have friends that are very successful from promoting noteworthy art experiences and have credentials/ a name for doing so. But then theres the others that see it online and race to these locations and won't credit artist or have ANY idea who they are , or even read the backstories. They just aren't informed or care enough to be informed. They just want a photo and idk it just makes me feel a certain type of way to clearly want to write about it.

Photos by @royal.youths

Senior Year

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Welp. Almost six years later its finally going to happen. I'm finally going to graduate. At least I'll have 3 degrees and two majors on the most expensive piece of papers I'll ever pay for.
On my first day of FIT I showed up with ConAir curled hair, a black wide-brimmed  hat, light blue mom jeans, and platform heels. It was the first day of fashion school and I had to look good. And with reason, because every girl at school looked some sort of intimidating runway ready. 

Let's rewind for a bit. It DID NOT take me 6 years continually to finish school. I took a year off, transferred schools three times, and temporarily moved to New Zealand. Before FIT I got a degree in business administration from a community college. Shortly after I realized I didn't want to be someones office bitch for the rest of my life. And a few weeks after I graduated, I moved to Christchurch, New Zealand- which is the furthest place on the planet from Coney Island. Literally, just pull up a map on Google bc who in present day owns an actual world map?

I didn't know what I wanted to do, but worked retail up until that point. After moving up the ranks and realizing there was more to retail than managing a store, that there were different positions such as buying, planning, allocating, forecasting, and so many more, that I sporadically decided to apply to FIT. It was the one of the most competitive fashion schools in the country to get into at the time, and it still is. It was the only school I applied for and got in.

At first I wanted to be a buyer, but my lack of math skills couldn't have made it obvious enough that that wouldn't be happening. Semester 2 came when I took product development and everything I've ever known just magically made sense. This was it. This is what I would be. And for clarification, product development is basically from concept to creation- so from a sketch up until a top of production piece that's ready to be placed in stores. Instead of making sales, I would be making product- and would get to have weekends off. It couldn't have gotten any better than that.

Now going fast forward, I only have two more semesters to go. And have two job offers up in-the-air. Pretty cool right? I like to think so. To be completely honest I have ZERO idea what company I'll end up at, or if I even go straight into it post-grad. One of the designers at my job said when she graduated she ended up doing a bike ride across Indonesia, which sounds HELLA sick. And I'd love to vacation on my own time before my corporate calendar allows me two vacation weeks out of the entire year. All I know is that I want to do something realllllllllly cool.

Regardless of the decade that it's felt like, FIT has truly changed my world. I loved the experience that I received and the insane amount I've learned, and the talented friends that I've made and connected with over the past four years. It only took me a year to get into the industry starting with an internship at Marc Jacobs, and then Tory Burch, and then Kohls, and I haven't stopped since. I really am going to miss the "THIS IS NOT A DRILL," emails at the beginning of the semester, and having to log into myFit five times before being able to access anything. I won't miss hearing about working for Macys every other week though. 

But what I will do is cherish the time I have left here and learn all that I can.

Outfit deets:
hat: Urban
tube top: Brandy Melville
skirt: Dollskill

If you have any questions about FIT, the fit, or anything else, you can always drop it low in the comments below, or just send me a DM on Instagram. Photos as per usual by @royal.youths :)

Welcome to the team

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The beginning of every summer signifies a very important event for me: rewatching Gossip Girl from season 1 to end.  For the past 5+ years, it's been my nightly tradition after a long day of work.

I was fortunate enough to be living in the city this summer , FOR FREE, courtesy of my internship. So I wanted to make it a mission to do something new everyday. Here's a few from my last post:

-went to shows twice a month, did my final WARPED TOUR ALONE, went to governors ball!

-went to all the popular places all the girls at my school rave about, ok maybe not all, but a few. I've done magic hour several times at the Moxy, I've partied till 2am on a thursday at LAVO, apparently theres a dream Midtown and not just a Dream Downtown too. I've gone to both in the same night.

-DID BOOZY BRUNCH and had my first ever mimosa(s) , also opened my first ever wine bottle, apprently its underwhelming compared to popping a champagne bottle, which is more exciting. Purchased alcohol for the first time since turning 21. (mind you I'll be 24 next week.) Mind you I wasn't 24 when I wrote this.

-All alcohol aside: tried a new restaurant and dessert spot every week, took up a Classpass membership where I bounced my calves away for an hour at Trampolean, sweat my ass off at my first hot yoga session at Y7, and got back into aerial yoga.

-Went up a waist size. Not too excited about that.

-Did the EGG house pop up, Rose Mansion, Deadpool selfie museum, Color Factory and the Winky Lux experience are coming up this week, and getting tickets for  Candytopia and Wonder World. Got 29rooms tickets for my boyfriend and I- it'll be our second year going together :)

-Went to the Hamptons for the first time and learned that a "really big boat," is called a yatcht. Call me uncultured. You'll never see a yacht in my part of town, otherwise I would have known.

-Went to a few networking events- even scored a lot of freebies- even brand new Marc Jacobs Daisy Love perfume and lip gloss! Also got some awesome sponsored opportunities from American Eagle and Primark, and a brand based in the Lower East Side called LAQUA. They sent me over 34 lipsticks, makeup palletes, and all. #blessed OH, also won TWO Instagram contest in the same week, two days apart. Winning can happen- its not just a scam for engagement!

(Backstory) So the shirt I'm wearing "my bad," was a contest run my by favorite UK label, The RAGGED PRIEST, where they wanted to know what your biggest lie/mistake was. In my sophomore year of college, prior to my FIT days, I was working two jobs and taking a summer Earth Science class, which I never made it to. I knew I would fail for attendance if I didn't speak to my professor, so I did, and told him it was really hard as a single, struggling mom. A few weeks later I PASSED. #mybad

-Realized that I really DID NOT like working with jewelry, but guess who was on a jewelry team for 8 weeks. (this girl) Guess who wasn't interested (this girl) Guess who got placed interning on the Lauren Conrad label after that (this girl)  Guess who got to pitch a few ideas to the teen queen herself and made her laugh (this girl.) A few internships later I finally got to do apparel, which was what I've wanted since the beginning of pursuing Product Development. Andddddd, I'm really excited to announce I'll be interning with the LC team until December! Ya girl got an extension :)

-Learned that in the adult world you will have to have conversations that you'll really want to avoid, but can't. So you have to, and its gonna suck. But in the end, it'll be all good.

-Learned that when there are meetings with PR people and vendors, run for free food and bring doggie bags. When you are extra broke and hungry and do this, you'll thank me later. Their loss, my stomachs gain. Literally.

-Learned to live with loss. My grandma died last week.

-Had the best birthday ever at Point Pleasant and posted one of my first ever bikini pics on Instagram. Apparently my ass can rack up 300 likes and 10 saves. Who knew?

As summer is coming down to it's last week

Looking back now, I've done so many new things this summer, and one of them, was not watch Gossip Girl at all.

Photos by @royal.youths

My Summer Plans

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Since its my 1st summer living in the city, I'm making it a mission to try all the things I've never done before. (and hit up alllll those pop-ups) just cause I can.

-Go to the Whitney Museum (on a Friday) Just cause its free from 6-8
-Finally find out the hype behind a wild party at the House of Yes
-Go to The Cloisters
-Visit Dream Machine (before it closes in two weeks)
-Go to Panorama 
-Happy-go-lucky Pop up??? idk the pictures look super underwhelming for the price
-See an outdoor movie at Bryant park or under the bridge
-Go to a rooftop pool (hotel Americano or Mr.Purple, Dream Downtown, any rooftop with a pool)
-Finally go kayaking for the 1st time, on the Hudson or in DUMBO
-Go to all the clubs/bars that every FIT girl goes to: PHD rooftop, Up&Down, Electric Room, etc.
-Possibly another trip to Boston
-Artic Monkeys & Rise Against concert
-MY FINAL WARPED TOUR EVER sobs* can't believe it's their last year
-Philly to see Jesse McCartney!!!!
-take a pole dancing/ aerial hoop class
- A few little weekend trips outside of NYC
-ofc visit Coney :) surprisingly I miss it and my pup v much

This list as of now is small because there's so much I've passed by that I haven't written down. Also, so many things randomly pop up during the week!

Towards the end of my internship I was waitlisted for a study abroad/rebuild in Puerto Rico, and I really hope I get it. If not, I'll have another two weeks of vacation before classes start.

I also tentatively have planned a weekend in Florida to visit family and go to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. WIZARDING WORLD ITS BEEN A MINUTE.

Also, I took a break from shooting to adjust to my new place and job. I needed to pay some bills and chill from all the obsessive shopping but I've missed the interaction with you guys! I have a really cool idea on how my next shoots will go. All I can say is, watch Gossip Girl if you haven't.

What are you doing for the summer? Drop it low in the comments below.

See y'all soon,

Mac n Cream Cheese

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The only time I use my kitchen is to heat up some chocolate chip waffles and to put my dishes in the sink. Sometimes I even do them... just sometimes. On Friday I had my semi-formal and while the food SUCKED, the little appetizers were AHHMAZINGGGGG. Specifically the Mac and Cheese Bites. Which they didn't serve enough of.

So they looked easy enough to make. I figured I could give it a go and skill it. I'm just going to sit here and laugh to myself now.

I find a recipe online that didn't call for a lot of stuff and 90% of everything required I already had in the kitchen- with the exception of sharp shredded cheddar cheese, cream cheese, and muffin tins. We had a muffin tray, but conveniently whenever you want to use something its nowhere to be found. But   I also haven't used the kitchen in eons so it very much could have been gone with hurricane Sandy. Which was about 5 years ago.

Anyway, I go to the supermarket and I'm a wimp when it comes to the frozen food section; its just too damn cold. Did you know, THAT CREAM CHEESE IS 6 FUCKING DOLLARS. For legit the smallest possible amount. I was baffled. I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen or cooking either but is this normal?  For my blogger mind thats the price of express shipping at Dollskill AND dollar pizza. So crazy.

So I paid $11 for just cheese and gum.

I couldn't jump straight to it cause we are Puerto Rican; we like to stuff our appliances with even more stuff. So more than the expected pots and pans were chilling in the oven. I take them out and make the mini elbows first. Everything was sprawled out on the table. I read the recipe about 6 times and start finding the measuring cups and teaspoons and all that crap.

Once the pasta is cooked and I start making the sauce thats gonna make it all stick without using baking cups. I put a cup of cream cheese in. My brother starts watching me and asks if thats how much it calls for. I proudly tell him no, that its a serving less, and then he sternly insists  that I should stick to the directions. I panic and add the extra cup. The recipe called for 2 ounces, NOT TWO CUPS. All my life I've had a problem with math and numbers. I've said it before but its the reason I'm struggling with college- I haven't passed ANY math classes. I get numbers confused and mixed up a lot. I'm sure Gordon Ramsay would have called me an idiot sandwich by now.

By this point the cheese sauce thing starts bubbling and something smells like its burning. I start to panic and throw in whatever amount of salt and pepper I thought would be right. Which was wrong. But today I also learned that pepper makes my eyes tear. 

Then I put them in the muffin tray and in the oven and after 15 minutes like it said, but they weren't browning, and they looked more white than orange. I can only wonder why...

So no, I won't be catering your next event anytime soon. Yes, I might just find myself in the kitchen a little more often. And now I can officially say I know how to unsuccessfully make Mac and Cheese bites.

Photos by @royal.youths

Outfit deets:
Sweater: Candy Knit from The Ragged Priest
Pants: Bell Bottoms from Forever 21
Platforms: Dollskill

Do you have any simple recipes that I could try out? Drop it low in the comments below.

Dear Boring New Yorkers

Sunday, April 15, 2018

This post only applies to the ones living in the five boroughs where things ACTUALLY HAPPEN. Everywhere else, you can't live a cooler life because...nothing noteworthy really happens where you live. Harsh but true. Local newspaper events or your family backyard get together hardly counts.

I absolutely hate when people say "New York is boring." NAHH BOI NEW YORK ISN'T BORING -YOU ARE. If you spend time bullshitting and doing nothing at home, then hell yeah its gonna be boring AF. And if you allow it to remain like that, it's because YOU'RE BORING.

There are always sooo many things going on- in my experience usually always in the city. No matter how tight things seem to be here in terms of cold cash, everyone usually has $2.75 to shell out for a train ride to adventure. Just about EVERY week a new retail store opens, a new pop up emerges, or new food joint serving something crazy , or a random event is going on at Washington Square Park- don't tell me otherwise. AND you don't have to be loaded to have a good time.

Make it a mission to try something new whenever you get the chance. YOU DON'T EVEN NEED A FULL DAY! Just a few hours.  And stop depending on flaky friends to actually be able to do one of them. Make it a solo venture. I do it all the time and it works out pretty well for me.

Spring and summer will be rolling up any minute now, and when it finally does, there will be more to do. Did you know some spots like Brookfield place, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and even Coney Island right on the beach usually offer free movies every Friday? Did you know some of the best and most beautiful views in the city aren't from overpriced tourist traps, but from spots like Le Bain and Governors Island? You only say its boring here because you haven't tried hard enough to find something noteworthy to do, and like I said, there is ALWAYS something to do.

If you aren't into movies and views, you have to be into food. Everyones into food. Majority of us eat three meals a day. There are ENDLESS brunch, lunch, and dinner spots. ENDLESS. Once I move to Midtown this May, my mission is to eat at a new restaurant every weekend. I want to be able to give the best on-the-spot recs. Plus now there's pretty much a food hall in every neighborhood. Chinatown has Canal Street Market,  Chelsea has the Gansevoort and Chelsea Market and so on. I can't forget to mention SMORGASBURG. Some of the best food vendors can be found here. Occasional long lines but what can you do. Stop blowing money on weed and alcohol and going to the same damn clubs every weekend. Thats boring because that's REPETITIVE. Get yourself a new experience.

Music Festival Season is approaching too! Governors Ball, later on The Meadows, and others outside of the state. If that isn't your scene and you have more of a reserved? taste in music, theres jazz clubs like Swing 46, or Lincoln Center where you can have  a calm night and listen to some awesome musicians. And if that isn't your thing try Broadway. Can't afford Broadway? Try the ticket lottery.

There is always an alternative or a way to get something for less. If it isn't someone saying New York is boring its either someone else or the same person saying "New York is too expensive." I can't front, it is on an intern salary, but it won't work unless you make it work. Get a side hustle, start a budget, become a sugar baby, whatever works for you.

NYC has a lot to offer and a lot to do. And if you aren't doing any of it, then just leave and be boring somewhere else.

Photos by @royal.youths !!!!!

Outfit deets:
hat: Urban
Choker: LF
Top: The Ragged Priest
Jacket: Emory Park Clothing
Jeans: LF (for sale on my Poshmark here)
Platforms: Dollskill

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