A lil lesson

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Unless you were me and read the back of this shirt 2472984 billion times, you would see that it says," be kind to my petals or get my thorns. This is something that really resonates with me. But unlike flowers, we don't actually have thorns, we just snap back with some of that GOOD OL' ATTITUDE.

Whenever I hear someone start to snap , my mind goes "1-800 bitch whats your problem?" BC for real, the faster we can address what your issue is the better,  and we can move forward from the negativity.
So with these types of people, you really have to be kind with them. Because maybe thats exactly what they lack. Or it could be some food. Or maybe they just aren't getting any. Attitude can come from a variety of reasons. Just be patient and try to be understanding. You'll be a lil ray of light to someone and you'll be working on your character development.
So that's my little lesson for this gloomy Sunday. Just be kind, not only for people with attitude, but towards anyone. It doesn't cost anything so for all you cheap fucks out there, so you have nothing to lose monetarily :)

Outfit deets:
Beret: old Marc by Marc Jacobs
Glasses: Dollskill
Jeans: Levi's

Photo's by @royal.youths
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