Diary of an Intern

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Today I started my first in-house internship assisting a product development team. Here's a little bit about my day.

6:00: Get up girl, today's the big day. I start ironing my clothes, take a shower, paint my nails, and run downstairs to a lovely little breakfast of eggs and toast made by the man himself, good ol' dad. My outfit got me feeling hella legit and confident.

8:26: Get on the train, leave a little early. You never know what nonexistent train traffic is gonna pop up or if someone decides todays the day they are going to hold everyone up by jumping into the tracks. What, this does happen.

9:15: 45 minutes early. Go on time and be early as if you're about to snag someone's full time job. That is the plan after all- right after finding the kitchen that is.

9:20: Sit patiently in the lobby until your supervisor comes. Smile and greet everyone. Try not to be too offended by the one person that didn't acknowledge your existence. Some people aren't morning people. Maybe she just didn't have coffee. Maybe she didn't hear me. Will I ever know?

9:55: My supervisor comes, and she brings me to the office.

10:00: I have my own desk and laptop and am surrounded entirely by handbags. Which I later have to sort by style and color. I notice I am probably the only dressed up person standing in that room in pointed leather booties, a tee shirt under a sleeveless black romper, and soft makeup. A woman walks by in uncombed hair and an off-the-shoulder pink leopard long sleeve shirt. Next time I come in it's been decided that I'm wearing a flannel and Vans. The dress code was extremely casual. I never got the memo.

10:13: Get asked to make an Excel sheet of fabrics and their prices. Wished I had paid more attention in class to make it look fancy. When I get home I'm going to look into taking an online Excel certification class. It's hard to type at my typical speed of 50 wpm after getting my middle finger stuck in your friends garage door. It's looking more purple today.

10:35 I take a trip down to HR, where the elevator decides to take me on a trip instead. Get taken to the freight entrance where every door is locked and nobody is in sight. Just my luck.

11:35: Overhear a lot of conversations about swatches, colors, printouts, and someones upcoming trip to Italy with a friend. My favorite moment of the day happens.

Designer: "What word would you use to describe this color?"
Other designer: "Brody Jenner."

omgggggggg I cannot  wait to submit that to Overheard New York when I get out.

12:53: I go on lunch with another intern. She wants to know if I want Chipotle. I in fact, do not want Chipotle. What Mexican kitchen doesn't celebrate Cinco De Mayo? A non Mexican one. She mentions By Chloe is around the corner. It's about to go down. She gets a taco salad, I get a BBQ burger. It's a fast food vegan spot. We're both vegetarians. I have a feeling I'll be eating here a lot for the next few months.

2:21: Get the company credit card and go shopping. Say no more.

3:40: Get the card again and do some more shopping. It's nice to leave the office and get to run around. It's hot AF out. So much for it being partly cloudy with a chance of rain. I'm starting to sweat like a man. It's gross. I hope nobody notices the sweat through my white shirt.

4-6: Start preparing binders for a meeting for the following day. So many swatches and colors. This feels like TS 111 all over again. Except I'm not breaking my back carrying the massive 300 paged, 7 pound swatch bible. Or having to spend $250 plus tax for it. Oh the days.

6 something: Get sent on a coffee run for everyone on the floor with another intern. A barista at Starbucks messes up the order and we get a free drink. I've been thinking about getting Boba Guys since I got in that morning.

6:27: Say thank you, goodnight, and see you tomorrow to my supervisor. I don't even work on Wednesdays. She must think I'm so slow. I run off to go get my bubble tea. That's the end of my day.

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  1. I love this post and I love your wittiness Soni. Love youuuuu


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