February Pickz

Sunday, February 4, 2018

So the month everyone either loves or hates is here. I rounded up some cute picks to give you some ideas of how to style on for February. So whether it's the 1st, Valentines Day, or the entire month, heres a few pieces to snag and show some spirit (or not haha.)

If your shopping habits are as beyond repair as mine, you can score this tee here.

Digging this tee too? Prove it here or on The Ragged Priest website.

Be the queen of hearts in this Lazy Oaf piece. Tbh, I think I'm ordering this on Friday when I get paid haha.

Just don't set this shirt on fire and you'll both be fine.

Well, you can't go out without some bottoms...

If you aren't the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, then wear it above your kneecap.

Get your outfit in check with these cool pants from Lazy Oaf.

Your face won't be the only thing to get anyones attention on any day of this month. The back of these overalls are bound to do that for you too.

Just know the difference between dating BOYS, and MEN, that's all I gotta say :) Same thing vice versa for girls and women.

You like shoes? Well so did Scotty Vanity & that Youtube video worked out really well for him.

your mans/woman/other isn't going to be the only thing on fire.

Not suitable for the purple dinosaur, but you're just in luck. I own these and get a shit ton of compliments. Tell me not though- so funky.

I'm not a tickled pink kinda girl, but someone is, and even though I'm not, I'd totally wear these with an all-black ensemble just to put the spotlight on these docs.

I have these when there was only one picture on the Vans website, so I assumed both shoes said "Not Yours," which wasn't true. Also, the insides have flowers and the sole is Red. Cardi B, these ain't expensive, but these IS red bottoms ;)

I have way more than 8 suggestions, but this post would have been eternal and I had some issues with uploading photos on my backend. Which piece did you like best? Do you have a piece that you think I'd really like? Send me the link and drop it low in the comments below :)

*All photos taken from original websites, box label text was added by me.


Not a Barbie Girl

Sunday, January 28, 2018

I was more of a Bratz girl. You remember? The dolls with a passion for fashion? Chloe, Sasha, Yasmin, and Jade? Something like that. Anyway. THEY DONT EXIST AT TOYS R US ANYMORE. I was shocked when I asked the manager where they were, only to find out, that they don't sell them anymore. I would make a comment on perhaps thats the reason why 180 of their stores are closing this year, but I'll skip past it.

I recently got these Barnie Platform boots from Dollskill and wow, just wow. I fucking love them and don't think I'll ever find another pair of these shoes in my life. Even the police were looking at me with tilted heads. Now, I have to explain why the police was there. At a mere not even 1:00pm on a Friday morning.
While Smitty was taking my picture, a couple came behind him, made some remarks and said "don't mind us, we're just stealing." BALLSY. WHY SAY IT OUT LOUD. They looked like they were just looking, so we continued our shoot as they continued their browsing and loud talking. They needed
lessons on how to be subtle.

We don't see them again. We browse most of the aisles- how nostalgic. It still baffles me how the company is going bankrupt, theres so much of an assortment, THERES JUST SO MANY TOYS, SO MANY ENDLESS HOURS OF FUN , CREATIVITY, AND IMAGINATION. Then Smitty tells me "Soni, kids don't want toys anymore, they want technology." Honestly, it was the sad truth. Maybe the kids of the future will never know what its like to build a giant Hot Wheels race track like my brother and me used to do. Maybe, they'll never know the pain of stepping on some fucking Leggos. Maybe, they won't know what it's like to run outdoors and attack each other with Nerf guns. So many of these toys were some of my best, if not best, childhood memories. You can't get these experiences by watching other children recording unboxing videos on Youtube, which is what younger children do today. Talk about the wasted youth.
My favorite part  was when we went to the electric car aisle. Back in the day, they weren't locked in place- you could test drive them. Now...not the case. To our luck, there was a yellow Ferrari available as our prop. We were mortified that we would get kicked out and how we managed to get that many photos in without someone asking wtf were we even doing there to begin with. So everytime an employee passed by, we tried to play it as cool as possible. But when you see a girl with outrageous boots and a guy with a camera, its pretty obvious that the last thing we were doing was shopping for a 'rari. But it sure as hell was funny.

As we wrap up and get ready to head out, I buy a Sonic POP and we wait for our Uber. Suddenly, one cop car shows up. Then another. Then ANOTHER. 6 cops proceed inside. It looks like that couple was arrested. Of all places to get arrested, your deff bound to get a good laugh once someone hears it happened at Toys "R" Us. Moral of the story. Don't steal toys.
Outfit deets: My beret is from Dollskill
shirt: Dollskill
jeans: Topshop
shoes: Dollskill
glasses: Vans
Fuck you lunchbox: SOLD OUT ;/

Amazing pictures as always by @royal.youths. Disclaimer, if you purchase something directly from my links, I will get a nominal commission fee. 

I JUST NOW NOTICED THIS, but I owned this shirt before the beret came out and I decided to style these two on my own, I didn't take the idea from them >_<

What was your favorite toy at Toys "R" Us? Drop it low in the comments below. Till next time internet friends.

Current Mood

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Outfit deets: 
Hat-Urban Outfitters
Glasses- Vans
Jacket- Emory Park Clothing
Skirt- Current Mood Clothing
Heels- Current Mood Clothing

Photos by @royal.youths

I've been to the year 2000

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Actually, I've lived it. Thinking back to 18 years ago, shits so much more different.

What I enjoyed about the 2000's was the ease of life. I had no worries. I had my dunkaroos, capri suns, and lunchables after school. Get a little fancy and make it a giant Arizona Iced Tea instead. The only tats I had were the Fruit by the Foot ones, and of course they didn't last long but as a kid, that's the type of shit that would get you excited about living.

Cell phones didn't even have color yet. Hit Clips and beanie babies were cool. Troll dolls existed. Lava Lamps and magic eight balls and Bop- Its were the toys just about everyone had. People played games, actual games, like Twister and Sorry. INFLATABLE CHAIRS WERE ROOM DECOR.

Another 2000's icon: my idol- Avril Lavigne. She was "mom," of the past decade. She wore a lot of black, had pink extensions, wore baggy pants, was a well known punk rock princess. I wanted to be her when I grew up.

The 2000's also came with an interesting sense of fashion and beauty...bright and bold eyeshadow, crimped hair, studded belts in every color, and pants so baggy you might as well have worn your bedroom comforter out. Colored eyeshadow is BOLD AF, BAGGY PANTS ARE SO COMFORTABLE! Most people think  fashion and lifestyle of the 2000's as a disaster... I don't. In fact, I want to revive it.

So I present to you, the new sonifromconey. I want bold looks. I WANT DIFFERENT, against the norm, nontraditional. Looks that willl make you look back. Looks that will make you look twice. While the looks I've worn have been my style, its been my reserved style. When I had depression, I was too skeptical to go out and lacked the confidence to dress to my liking in front of other people.  I'd spend time hunting down the perfect pieces and do crazy lip colors , even paint my eyebrows pink, and then just sit in my room...the rest of the day. It was actually really sad. Nobody ever got to see. 

 Two of my favorite bloggers, LinaBugz and SpoopyKristen, are alternative style bloggers and they are the coolest bloggers on the planet. Kristen does sick  makeup looks and Lina's style is unreal.  (Ironically, we also both own this Ragged Priest shirt.) After being a loyal follower for years, they've inspired me to finally start being able to wear my personal style out more in public. Wearing these checkerboard platform boots got me some pretty wild looks, but these shoes are awesome and my favorites and no nasty glare or girl videotaping me to her Snapstory is going to change that. (that actually happened.) So go and buy the crazy shoes, top, or bottoms. Wear them.  Love them. Fuck anyone that wants to shit on you for what you like. They suck, not you.

Top from the Ragged Priest, glasses from Petals and Peacocks, pants from Brandy Melville, and platforms from Current Mood clothing. Photos by @royal.youths.

Let's "Link Up"

Monday, October 30, 2017

If you are spending more time stalking your crush over the gram than seeking out people with your dream job on LinkedIn, then you are DOING IT WRONG.

Let me introduce you all to LinkedIn, the more professional version of Facebook. Here is the formal adult world where you will not find modern day memes, INSIDER videos, and every wannabe news reporter. Expect to find inspirational quotes, positive stories, and situations to reflect on. Of course you can't do this all without a proper network.

Remember when you were younger and added everyone on Facebook from people you actually knew to people you've made eye contact with just a strand of their hair? If even that. Welcome to LinkedIn, where you will renew this younger social media habit. Instead, this time, you are going to put the "social" in social media.

On the first day of school or a job, theres ALWAYS that round of introductions followed by an eyeroll from someone that dreads the idea. (tbh that was always me in class) Instead of adding someone and never talking to them, how about you send a request and INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Ask them how they are as well and if they would be willing to talk about their work experiences. Do this especially with people that are working in your desired field. Just because you don't personally know them does't mean you can't reach out to them. Didn't all your friends start off as strangers anyway? Exactly my point. So start typing and building that network.

Next up: your actual profile. Pick a really good picture, not your Saturday night TAO or Dream Downton ones, but a simple, "heres my face one."Rumor has it you should't have a picture with glasses on, I do and I've still gotten got offers. Just post a full face high quality photo in good lighting. Then list all important/ relevant work experience and educational deets. Don't know what to put under your job description? Go to your jobs website if they have one and pull out some key points from that description! You can now smack the easy button.

So now you're back to typing. Start adding start talking. Start applying to jobs by requesting HR Managers directly and then emailing them your resume. It is 2017. It took a man to send a box of donuts to an employer to get her to read his resume. It'll cost you nothing because you got LinkedIn. The goal is to get noticed and make it known that you are interested. If that doesn't work, connect with other people in that company or organization. Someone will have a direct contact. Obviously be smart about it. Don't just email "Hey, I really want to work here can you give me a contact from someone that can make this happen..." What stranger is going to want to do that? None. Once again, introduce yourself and a very little bit about what you do and how it will be relevant. But before that ALWAYS ask how the person is doing. It's polite, professional, and shows that you aren't messaging for just your own benefit. Personally by experience, this has worked best for me.

So lets say you get an interview, now what? Go on Glassdoor and start reading reviews from people that once worked there. This helps because you'll get to know the pros and the cons, ALSO, some people leave potential interview questions that they will be using. Write them down on a piece of paper and start creating a well developed answer of your own. How to used LinkedIn with this: message people, like an intern, and ask them about their interview experience/ do they enjoy working there. Go on Google and search the company. See if there was anything relevant going on related to them in the news. Maybe it was a current collaboration with a well known designer, maybe they just had a new acquisition, maybe they are implementing a new technological system. You never know whats going to come up in a interview, so you want to be as prepared as possible. Since you "really wanted to work there," what better way than to show you actually care than about knowing the behind the scenes / staying up-to-date with all things related to them.

Here's just some of my personal tips/ ideas on using LinkedIn for jobs and interview prep. I've gotten five job offers/internship offers just from doing this. Lately I feel like a lot of people don't know how to properly utilize LinkedIn, so it's a missed opportunity for them. This blog post was highly requested and if I could help a few friends or strangers out, the content in this piece was the goal.
I hope this helps you on your journey! If you have any questions, comments, or even suggestions, feel free to drop them below.

Photo by Kieran Bammann. Hopefully someone caught on the chain links on my belt in relation to the post. I'm so witty, I know.

Who I am, hates who I've been

Monday, October 16, 2017

Or who I've been, hates who I am; the order can be debatable, yet still valid when said in both ways. The other morning I was waiting for a train feeling rather empty. I've been feeling a little empty lately. Unsatisfied. Uninspired. Unmotivated. And on top of it all, afraid to shop. I would like to say that partially came from an article from Girlboss about the average American not knowing how to budget (I am that average American.) And from a recent lecture in macro. The rest, well, you are about to read about.

When I feel these ways, I always like to look to the past, so that way I get redirected into the future. I read old blog posts, and look at my Instagram feed, and I try to get a feel of what got me to those moments, and what I was feeling in the moment. The video of me running home eager to show my brother how I learned how to do a headstand in yoga that same hour? I smiled as he recorded me holding the headstand for a few seconds before I fell over and we both started laughing. The picture of me smiling in someones apartment filledddd with giant red balloons; a mere reminder of the little things in life. And just rereading old work reminds me of how witty and funny I really am/ can be. It also reminds me of all the positive feedback I've gotten. These things remind me that the feelings are temporary, which helps me progress.

What has me feeling all these ways is work. Any type of, my jobs, and my up keeping. Does anyone ever realize that we are only in our early twenties and that we will be working the rest of our fucking lives? The average person retires at 65. If you want to be a little more cushioned or productive, retire at 70-something. That's a good 40 SOMETHING MORE YEARS. By then we could have a face full of wrinkles, health issues, or even be looking into retirement homes. I didn't sign up for this.

As a legitimate workaholic, it stresses me the fuck out. 23 days into the month of September and I've only had 3 days off. And those three days don't even count because I'm in class from 12-9:30pm. I hate this routine of constantly being on the clock. Working to pay bills, and spending precious time  indoors behind a desk and in a stockroom. Working is just such an integral part of my life and always has been. But it's becoming so routine and as a result its making me miserable. Please don't tell me I'm the only one.

I hate how working so much has caused me to lose myself. The workaholic I am, hates who I've been. Hates being cranky, tired, and having only enough time in the morning to pop in two chocolate chip waffles before running out the door and doing it again for the next 6 days. Hates that I've lost a bit of the person that I am, to turn into a catatonic , ill version of Wednesday Adams. On top of the mixed feels, I end up taking a break from you, my audience. What do I talk to you about? What do I share with you anymore? Are you still going to read my posts?

I overthink and stress... ALOT. A not so fun fact: if you stress so hard you can develop air bubbles on your fingers that eventually cause the skin on your fingers and hands to peel and bleed. It itches a lot and is very uncomfortable. Apparently, stress causes hand eczema. Let me tell you, nothing looks more disgusting. And nothing is more awkward than meeting a new person in the business world and REJECTING  a handshake. The seconds of staring at each other while the hanging hand is well just...hanging, can feel like days.

So if you're in a funk, or feel a bit uninspired, take a few minutes and look back. Look back at happier moments, look back at old accomplishments, look back at the memories that you enjoyed. You will have new moments like these to look forward too in the near future. And don't stress too much. You don't want hand eczema. Nobody does. Take the time out to have a peaceful lunch break, meet up with a friend as time restricted as your schedule is. Take that mental health day off. No amount of money is worth more than your well being.  I hope you are all doing well. See you all in the near future.

Let me not forget, photo credit to the fab Kieran Bammann.


Shitty Adult

Sunday, August 27, 2017

This week I started my product development internship and my new job doing visuals. And holy hell, was it a lot of running around.

First off, Market Week is approaching. For those of you in the industry, you already know your days in the office will be from 9am to as late as overnight, trying to perfect everything , meet deadlines, find the exact fabric for your designer, and the lists of tasks never seems to end. As the intern, I never knew what to expect for the day; I never did the same things as the say before. My duties ranged from grabbing coffee (yup)  to making runs to midtown  for fabric... needless to say it was a constant back and forth from the office to midtown. I've never taken the R train so much in my life. The blisters on the bottom of my toes are just little souvenirs from my delivery ventures this week.

The other morning I had to get pizza for a meeting that was happening later that hour. Online it said it was open, in person, they weren't opening for another half hour. Cool. That was the most ideal time to take a seat on an edge where a dog had taken a piss. Yup. I sat in old dog piss. No, I did not notice until I got up and realized I smelled homeless. Suddenly the Schnauzer next to me wasn't so cute anymore. For all I know, it was him. Pissed at the fact I sat in the piss, I walked into the little store next door. There was a giant pink neon sign in the outline of a naked woman and that urged me to walk in. The entire concept of "Bulletin," was that all the novelties in store were created by female entrepreneurs. It was all pretty cute. I passed by a dish of pins that read " Shitty Adult." I laughed to myself; it was basically me.

Mind you, I've done retail work my entire life. So my office skills to this point were as limited as could be. One of the designers asked me to make a copy of a duffel bag. Plot twist, copy machines are not just for making copies of paper. It took five failed attempts and the image that was six pages long, wasn't evening out to be the exact size of the actual bag, or straight enough for all the pages to align together. At this moment, I was the classic example of a shitty adult. I  couldn't even make copies right.

It took a few days to get into the routine of things. My biggest and most important takeaways this week were:
  1. INVEST IN A GOOD PAIR OF SHOES. You never know how often you will be sent out. To avoid blisters, don't wear pointed booties or canvas sneakers.
  2. Pay attention to directives, or lack of. Ask questions and get it down to the specifics in order to avoid having to do the same thing twice or more.
  3. Take notes. Figuratively, literally, whatever... as long as you take notes. And take EXACT notes, don't skip any steps. You have to be quick and keep up. If you gotta sacrifice the neat handwriting for the peace of mind, do it. Leave the nice handwriting for when you have the time to write neat. The nice handwriting will always be with you, but the seconds between notes won't.
  4. Don't be too quick to ask for help. It can be easy to panic when you have to do something you've never done before. Try to figure it out on your own if possible. If that fails, then ask for help.
  5. Make sure to get enough sleep at night and stay hydrated. If these people can stay overnight, you can manage being there for 8 hours. Plus, you are younger than everyone else, it just looks bad if you're tired. BJ's has really good down pillows fyi.
  6. Be nice and approachable to everyone. Not just your supervisor. On an errand run, I greeted the man I was dropping off some materials to and introduced myself. We then had a little conversation and before I walked out, he gifted me a measuring tape and his business card. He said to call him when I was done with school so I could work with him. See how a small gesture went a long way?
  7. Always watch where you sit. Sitting in piss definitely wasn't the highlight of my week.

So here's all my useful tips to you. Use them wisely. I will be updating this list as my experience goes on, and of course, sharing it all with you. Also, I really will try to post as frequently as possible, but with classes starting tomorrow, this internship, and a job, I deff can't make any promises. Good luck to everyone in school this semester! Outfit deets: black bandeau from Brandy Melville, vintage reconstructed flannel from LF, and side zip shorts from Cotton On. Photo's by @royal.youths.

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